Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Dedication & Baby Naming Ceremony - Including A First Born Child From A Previous Relationship

Southern California Baby Christening or Baby Dedication Officiators - A Baby Christening, also known as Baby Dedication or Baby Naming Ceremony (if non-religious), is one of the happiest family celebrations. What about a blended family baby dedication or christening or naming ceremony?

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. (Mark Brown)". According to Child Psycologists, it is important to honour the order of a child's birth, especially when a child is a first born. In a blended family, where a first born older child is from a previous relationship, the birth of a new child (half brother or half sister), is difficult on the first born. Especially if the first born's birth order is changed to that of "middle child", etc., through the addition of an older sibling, not related through blood.

The Clergy Network - Blended Family First Born Tip for Baby Dedication, Christening Or Baby Naming Ceremony. Include the first born child in the planning of the baby dedication. Dr. Linda Trott, from The Clergy Network did.

Dr. Linda Trott - "In writing a recent baby dedication/baby christening ceremony in Southern California (blended family), I included the first born child. On the day of the christening, the first born child and I sat down. Talked about the special words which related to her importance as a "big sister". We discussed the "Family Candle" that she would be responsible for lighting on behalf of her new baby brother. I also made her my special helper as I organized the minutes before the ceremony. I can't tell you how much this meant to the little girl and how much the memory of this "teaching moment" meant to her. Her "first born" status was respected and she was reminded about her importance to the day and to the family.
(Dr. Linda Trott holds 5 academic degrees, inclusive of one in the field of Educational Psycology. As a professional public speaker has presided, written or planned well over 10,000 public speaking events related to weddings, baby christenings, quinceanera blessings, memorial celebrations. Published in software and books, Dr. Linda Trott has had guest appearances on pod casts, television, radio, etc.)

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