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New Wedding Trend - Celebrity Wedding Officiator for The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. Wedding, Dr. Linda - "Pinkie Fingerprint Wedding Trend"

United States - Celebrity Wedding Officiator - Marriage Ceremony - August 31 2013 - With The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. reveal just about televised, I wanted to continue my tradition of wedding ceremony innovation. Like in Tamra and Eddie's lovely St. Regis - Monarch Bay & Dana Point,  June 15th 2013 T.V. wedding, which I officiated and wrote, new expressions of love and marriage must become. And, for 24 years, I have been an inventor of "things ceremony". 

What new generous and loving act could call for words to give it breath? I am this scout of innovation, who says, "Yes", let me find it!" Like anything of meaning without a vehicle of expression, something important is wasted. Perhaps, not just to the immediate generation, but to succeeding others. So, when a soon-to-be bride and groom told me of the engraving of their pinkie fingerprints inside their wedding bands, I knew no one had highlighted this sentimentally significant act of love. This lovely indelible image was profoundly waiting for original words to further capture its significance! Like a photographer, captures the life in human life... I capture life in the words and imagery which communicate the living soul. This involves the hearing and sight and imagination and experiences and dreams of the one encountering these verbal communications. To not find perfect imagery, (through the medium of words), and to not positively stimulate this, diminishes the value of a tenderly sweet and important act of pinkie fingerprinting inside a marrying couple's bands of marital commitment. Something had to be written. And, I was on a mission to be the first.


Pictured is the first of my original wedding images and quote, based on my research regarding the uniqueness of the human fingerprint. And, this to be given life with words relating these characteristics to love and marriage. More specifically, to this soon-to-be bride and groom's personal brand of love and stated commitments. There will be more original images to showcase my quotes, and, then the first-ever explanation of this wedding trend. 


As a Celebrity Wedding Officiator &  Marriage Ceremony Vows Writer and a Human Behaviour Professional, this is my vocation. I create wedding vows and marriage ceremonies for clients' world-wide. Want a Celebrity Wedding Officiator to write your vows? That is me? Want a degreed Marriage Ceremony Writer to create an original custom ceremony? That's me! Have a new Wedding Custom that you would like me to write about or bring words to explain? That, I can do! Dr. Linda - - 

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Jaded No More - The True North of Wedding Planning Idealism- The Bride, the Groom, the Wedding Professional & the Genuine Stuff

August 15, 2013 - United States - By Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott, a “Wedding Values” Writer, Educator & Celebrity Public Speaker Officiator - Helping Wedding Professional stay true to the idealism Intrinsic to the Wedding Industry. &

Sweet & Delicious, But Something Much More 

Gateaux Inc

The scrumptious wedding cake is by Gateaux Inc.  The bride and groom are pleased with their choice.  At the wedding reception, the guests’ taste buds will be delighted with satisfaction and pleasure. - The exceptional invoking of enjoyment to their taste buds is certain. But, even grander is the creativity applied by Gateaux Inc.’s exemplary baker artisans, and rightly so.   But, if one listens carefully, or thinks reflectively, there is also an unspoken beauty that communicates itself far beyond human taste buds and digestion. Far, but near are lovely feelings and thoughts branding the cake’s design, gifted by its creator. Is it not plain for all to see?  Unfortunately, not widely appreciated, is this bold and influential unseen array of “goodnesses” throughout the whole wedding planning endeavour!  These “goodnesses” are not “playing hide and seek” with us, but, rather, we with them. Be it bride or groom or, wedding and event professional, wedding planning participants beware; becoming a bit jaded may be inevitable. So “par for the course” that one misses the “real-stuff” for which the Wedding or Wedding Industry is made.

So, where am I going with this? Simply,  the same bride and groom who spends hours scouting for just the right cake, or dress or head-piece is the one who is sold short on the really important things inherent to the Wedding Day. It is a psychological truth that a thing can be enjoyed more when it is understood. Especially, when that “thing” is completely about what is good, lovely and true about being married? What is material and commercial has its allure, but, from the beginning, there are the deeper things that companion marriage. Is there not a way for wedding professionals, no matter what their contribution to a wedding day, help a couple along? Is it really all about “getting the gig?”  Suffice it to say, for many, “yes” would be the answer. But, I ask, “Has it really become all that debase?”

"Married and Loving It" 
By Dr. Linda
So what can you, or I do to bring out the spotlight on the things that start where we can not see? Things, that when launched, have deep effect on what we can see?  So, as to not talk in riddles! Let’s apply this to my contribution to a couple’s wedding planning experience.  These brief, but few examples, are hopefully inspiring, invoking thought and revisions in your own contribution to the Wedding Industry.

Firstly, I see a bride and groom as persons, not as dollar signs. They are not my “meal-ticket”.

 Secondly, I lose nothing by taking the time to help a marrying couple feel good about the big step they are taking. I remind them of the benefits of the deeper things influencing their decision to marry, and, how those things, once identified and embraced, make marriage a significantly grand proposition.

Thirdly, I help them to locate these absolute values, resident in all human beings before the first man and woman, became the first bride and groom. These absolute values haven’t changed.  However, an oblivious generation may be unaware and un-embracing of them. - To pick a few – faithfulness, unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and others.

There is so much detail and “real –life” that I could offer, but, I will stay brief and to the point. Hoping that you will volunteer some of what you are doing to bring awareness about the silent and present finer things brought over the “marriage threshold” So, lets apply this to your contributions to the industry, and its bride and groom customers.  

Begin By Thinking About The Good, Lovely, Right & True For Your Marrying Clients 

"Understanding Brings Fullest Enjoyment?"
In short, your wedding and event career can be…

1. Enjoyed more, by identifying meaning and purpose, and other things of value.  Not just for a bride and groom, but for yourself.  - “Happy Wedding and Event Professional” makes a “Happy Bride and Groom!” (Dr. Linda’s quote)

2. Foundationally stronger because it is situated upon the “High Road”.  No matter how many “under –the-table” deals between “here to day, gone tomorrow” competitors, you will thrive, not survive. 

3. Possess “future”, because you have “sown” into the lives of each couple.  By reminding them of what is really important within the context of your services.  And, that, in such a way they will remember you.  Perhaps you were the only wedding and event professional wearing the “human face” of the very qualities they needed to get through a rough patch. The “kindness of kindness” should not be underrated.  The “rightness of right” is profoundly and simply just that.

4. More affluent… because, people like me, who are genuinely captivated by “what is good, lovely, right and true”, will want to work with you.  It is so rewarding to be a career companion with a person of “like!”  Especially, when “like” is of this nature! I will be able to trust you. I will know that you will ensure that a bride and groom derive the fullest enjoyment of what they are building toward. If not, the glitter of the glitz” is all they will have when the wedding reception “party” is over.  Just those blurry few hours, and nothing else!  Enrich their wedding planning experience, by assisting them in enriching their lives. And, if you need a little help on “how” to better do this, call me or e-mail me.  My life is enriched by helping you, and yours enriched by taking the step to be a better person. And, this will make you a better Wedding and Event Professional.  

Reinforce By Referring To Those With This Deeper Values Perspective  

Moreover, be kind to your clients when you refer.  This also helps me too.  We are in this “Wedding
Wedding Officiators, Marriage Minsters
Wedding Clergy, Justice-of-the-Peace
together, and we can decide what we want the “climate” to be! Please, when referring your clients to a Wedding Officiator, don’t take kick-backs” from the one to whom you are referring. Don’t refer to a friend, knowing that they are not really good at what they do.  Don’t encourage the couple to use an in-experienced family member or friend. (This won’t bode well for you when they do a poor job). Don’t refer to the one with the biggest “fanfare” or the one better at the “wine and dine!”  To look good, ensure a future in the industry, do learn about “What Makes a Stellar Wedding Officiant”.  And, since this will take knowledge that you do not possess now, contact me. I am an expert educator on “things ceremony”, and “things wedding officiator”.

Finally, I leave you where we started. It is a psychological truth that a thing can be enjoyed more when it is understood.  Help a bride and groom spot the finer things wanting to be seen. Especially, when that “thing” is completely about what is good, lovely, right and true about being married? What is material and commercial has its allure, but, from the beginning, there are the deeper things that companion marriage. As a Wedding Professional savour every moment, and, as you provide your unique contributional services, “pay it forward”, as a matter of conscience, and as a matter of professionalism. It is your job and your privilege to help others see the “real values” of “Getting Married”.  And, it is evident in everything lovely about the Wedding Experience.


About The Author -  Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - The Clergy Network -      - The Clergy Network of Southern California customizes wedding ceremony wording and marriage vows. From Hollywood Celebrity to Olympic Sport's Stars To Music Rock Legends and United State's Senator's Son, our Dr. Linda writes with the history, personality and current trends in mind. Most Recently presiding Tamra and Eddie's Reality Show Wedding for Bravo T. V. and The Real Housewives of Orange County. Now working on two Food Network Chefs marriage ceremony wording. 

TCN, also provides professional Wedding Officiators, Marriage Ministers, Civil Wedding Officiators, Wedding Clergy, Non-Denominational Wedding Officiants, and others to perform the marriage ceremony. Orange County California Marriage License Issuance on day of the wedding, at wedding rehearsal or evening or weekend appointments also available.  To the Southern California wedding and event planner or wedding coordinator, Dr. Linda or The Clergy Network has been their professional referral for 24 years!

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No "Short Cutter" Wedding Officiants - Celebrity Wedding Officiator Would Like To Visit With Wedding Professionals! By Dr. Linda 
August 12, 2013 - Southern California - Dr. Linda would like to visit with Wedding Professionals about The Wedding Ceremony Officiator.  Schedule a Wedding and Event Coordinators, Planners & Services Wedding Ceremony Educator visit with Celebrity Wedding Officiator Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott of The Clergy Network.

Help, Not Another Rescue!

Forgive me for my frustration, as it has become a regular task to help “clean up” after the plentiful Southern  California population of  “Internet Ordained” or “Short Cutter" wedding officiators. The economy is breeding this phenomena? The culture is devaluing the importance of the "Wedding Ceremony"?  Brides and Grooms erroneously think that a friend or family member presiding their marriage ceremony is somehow more personal?  From a bride’s recent call asking for help to find the Los Angeles officiator who
Short Cutting Can Be Dangerous
To The Wedding Professional
ran off without filing her marriage license….., to, the wealthy Orange county tearful bride, whose uncle and first time officiator, ruined her wedding!  And, my recently spending about 15 hours rescuing yet another bride, I would like to talk frankly about a Southern California Wedding Industry problem. There simply is just no short cutting from the educational and experiential track that professionally trained wedding officiants go through to earn the degrees, titles and accolades.  In fact, I am not even done with rebuilding a wedding ceremony text, ineptly thrown together by an “Internet Ordained” marriage officiator, and. as a result piecing together the emotions of a shafted bride and groom! In short, Wedding and Event Planners, and other Wedding Industry professionals, please invite us to visit you. We would like to show you the difference between the only professional wedding officiator group in Southern California and those others "short cutting" on their training and experience!

Moreover, even if you have not had trouble to date, it is only a matter of time before problems arise. At least learn the difference before you refer. And, if a bride or groom is asking a friend or family member to preside their marriage ceremony, the kindest thing to do, if they are insistent, is to invite us to train the proposed friend or family officiator.  As professionals, you have seen, or at least heard the sad stories of a friend or family member officiator mess up.  As a professional officiator, I have heard many a true story from event professionals.
Finally, the wedding officiator can be the least of your worries, and a referral to The Clergy Network bring you bride and groom accolades. Dr. Brian and I, Dr. Linda will visit you, and your sales staff as Wedding Ceremony Professional Educators, answering questions, and even writing a bit about your wedding ceremony location via our ever-growing Social Network.  Regards, Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott – Celebrity Wedding Officiator.

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"Be My Bridesmaid" Invitation Charm Lockets or Necklaces by
August 10th 2013 - California - Bridesmaid Jewelry News By Dr. Linda - Celebrity Wedding Officiator  has been informed by of the their launch of  "Be My Bridesmaid" Invitation Charm Lockets or Necklaces. The bride-to-be selects a locket or chain, and then fills it with the charms that reflect the interests of the wearer. Let's look at the possibilities....

Fill with charms to :

1. Describe a bridesmaid's personality or virtues. "Kind" "Love" "Dreamer", etc.
            2. Honour the interests of the bridesmaid - hobbies, religious faith, career, loves.
                        3. Symbolize their role as bridesmaids or the "Wedding" or "Marriage" theme - i.e., "ring", "shoes", "flower", "dress", "heart", "princess crown", etc.

And, with each purchase, is including a complimentary custom "Be My Bridesmaid" words, written by Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda.  She recently presided, "The Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding Bravo T.V. - Tamra and Eddie. Also, writing The Food Network Star Chefs Wedding. Dr. Linda is a professional Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Vows Writer and Marriage Officiant.  or, "Like Us" 

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August 4, 2013 - California - Launched today, by Dr. Linda - A Celebrity Officiator. Dr. Linda and her Quinceanera Blessing Officiators have been officiators of Quinceanera Blessing Ceremonies for many years. Also, the Quinceanera Blessing Writing staff of The Clergy Network are ready to write a Modern or Traditional Quinceanera Blessing Ceremony.  Be the first to "Like Us" at the link below. 

Also, on Pinterest at