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Wedding Ceremony Tip - Memorizing Marriage Vows - By The Clergy Network

Southern California Marriage Ceremony
Wording Requirements - Wedding Officiators
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December 23, 2010 - "Is it a legal requirement to memorize and then give wedding vows unprompted during the wedding ceremony?"
Answer - No

Some wedding clergy or other marriage officiators insist on marriage vows being memorized and then given without assistance during the wedding ceremony  - This is not a legal requirement, so don't feel pressured into this.  Perhaps it is in that wedding clergy's tradition, but most couples should be given other options as to how to communicate their marriage vows. The Clergy Network has a number of ways for their Southern California brides and grooms to share their marriage vows.

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding Officiant Presides Marriage Ceremony on Two Continents - The Clergy Network of Southern California

Wedding Officiator Presides
Marriage Ceremony Simultaneously
in Bulgaria and United States
California - Orange County - Los Angeles - Wedding Ceremony & Officiator - On this lucky rainy day (Bulgarian custom assigns blessing to those marrying on a rainy day), a Bulgarian couple marries. As family partied in Bulgaria and watched the marriage ceremony through  Skype, our TCN couple tied the knot in a posh Orange County, California home. After embarking from their cruise ship, (porting in Southern California), our happy couple, picked up the best man, then drove two hours to wedding venue, married, celebrated at a two hour reception and returned to sail the world as a married couple! Congratulations to our destination bride and groom and to our TCN wedding officiator who simultaneously presided a marriage ceremony on two continents - Bulgaria and United States!

Ailing Parent Gets Wish As Child Marries - The Clergy Network - Wedding Officiator Reviews

California - Southern California Wedding Officiators, Justices of the Peace, Ministers, Priests - The Clergy Network - Ailing parent lives to see child marry. A special ceremony was constructed by TCN marriage ceremony writing staff for this bitter - sweet occasion.  The ceremony was built by the entire family, including the parents, to best reflect the dreams of the parents and their marrying children.


Child Sitcom Star Married By The Clergy Network Wedding Officiators - Orange County California

Anaheim, Ca - November - December - 1970's Child Star recently married by a Clergy Network wedding officiator - The ceremony was custom written, and presided in a garden chapel and reception center in California. We can't tell you his name, out of courteous to his privacy... but, we can say that he appeared on CHIPS, sang with someone from the original "rat pack", along with his sitcom run. We enjoyed working with this former child star actor, as he was a polite ceremony interested groom, pleased with celebrity wedding officiator, Dr. Linda's custom written marriage ceremony wording and his personally selected TCN wedding officiator!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Southern California Wedding Officiators - Couple Jumps Cruise Ship to Marry In Tustin California - Unusual Wedding Guest Look On! 
(Update Sept 9th 2013) - Tustin - Southern California - Wedding Officiators True Stories - Many couples dream of being married on a cruise ship. But, what if you work on one? Would you wish to marry aboard ship? Our TCN couple, working on a cruise ship that travels the world, couldn't wait to get off the ship to marry! Upon docking, jumped ship, travelling from San Diego to Tustin, California to "Tie the Knot!" Hopefully, to become Mr. and Mrs quickly enough to get back on board their cruise ship work place and home, before it left port later that day. 

This cruise ship employed couple, both Bulgarian citizens, meet while working aboard various cruise lines. Still gainfully employed on the San Diego docked ship, they would have only two hours to marry, (at a private estate home), enjoy a reception luncheon and embark from their floating home. Also, the identity of the best man changed on route to their nuptials. Upon their Tustin arrival, the marriage ceremony was watched by their Bulgarian family via Skype, and the local wedding guests included the estate home's owner and her many kitty cats!

Finally, note the original image and quote by Dr. Linda, about a recent "Dockside" wedding ceremony. above or "like" at Pinterest.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

California Bride Last Name Change - The Clergy Network Southern California Wedding Officiants - 2011
Marriage Last Name Change - California - 2011 Name Change Laws - - A representative of The Name Change Kit For Brides software attended important official meeting of California government for information on new acceptable name change proceedures. The Clergy Network will obtain this information on these proceedures from bride name change experts at

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Wedding Officiants - Old Ranch Country Club - Orange County California

Wedding Officiators – Seal Beach, California – The Clergy Network visits Old Ranch Country Club - What's new for the bride and groom in the 2011 wedding season?

Old Ranch Country club features a new wedding gazebo (elegant Capella), overlooking a beautiful green, of which wild life can adorn as a backdrop. Their wedding ceremony package includes a newly renovated bride changing room, groom changing room, and other brand new amenities. We shall blog on some of the technologically savvy touches soon.

The Clergy Network of Southern California has presided marriage ceremonies at Old Ranch Country Club in Orange County California, for several decades, and has had a working relationship with their skilled wedding and event professionals. Ask The Clergy Network about our wedding ceremonies at Old Ranch Country Club.

Hand select from background checked professional wedding clergy, wedding officiators and civil marriage ceremony presenters in Southern California. Be assigned a marriage ceremony writer to customize your ceremony wording. The Clergy Network also issues the California Confidential Marriage License for Orange County California, and provides bride last name software from The Name Change Kit For Brides -