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Real-Time Wedding - The Clergy Network of Southern California - Happening Now

Real Time Morning Wedding Ceremony - Happening Now - TCN wedding officiant reports from wedding ceremony. Interesting Wedding Ceremony News, Facts, & Tips - Southern California

Early Morning Wedding in Los Angeles California - Having an early morning wedding has benefits, financially and otherwise, except when the mother of the groom oversleeps. Our real-time wedding is held up due to mother of groom, not being ready on time. The "I am not an early morning person" wedding guests take a few winks while waiting. The Clergy Network wedding officiant waits patiently to preside.

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The Clergy Network of Southern California is a wedding officiator membership. Custom written wedding ceremony, choice of officiator, emergency clergy or officiant backup, bride name change software, California confidential marriage license issuance, and more! Non-denominatioal officiators for a Los Angeles Wedding, Orange County Wedding, San Bernardino Wedding, Riverside County Wedding

Real-Time Wedding - The Clergy Network of Southern California - Happening Now

Real Time Wedding Ceremony - Happening Now - TCN wedding officiant reports from wedding ceremony. Interesting Wedding Ceremony News, Facts, & Tips - Southern California
Special Guest Attendee - 100 year old Grandmother lives to see grandson marry. Great Grandmother lives to see grandson's wedding day! Grandmother is enjoying her grandson's wedding ceremony, now being conducted by A TCN wedding officiator. She smiles, as she sees all the generations welcome the creation of a new family through the exchanging of the wedding vows. Congratulations to Great Grandmother! The Clergy Network's writing team custom wrote this moving wedding ceremony celebration.

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The Clergy Network of Southern California is a wedding officiator membership. Custom written wedding ceremony, choice of officiator, emergency clergy or officiant backup, bride name change software, California confidential marriage license issuance, and more! Non-denominatioal officiators for a Los Angeles Wedding, Orange County Wedding, San Bernardino Wedding, Riverside County Wedding

Wedding Ceremony Live - Happening Now - The Clergy Network Wedding In Progress

Wedding Ceremony In Progress- The Clergy Network of Southern California - A TCN wedding ceremony is happening right now - This is a TCN real time report - Southern California

Japanese Gardens Setting - Blended Family Marriage Ceremony -TNC officiator has begun the wedding ceremony. Unique to this ceremony is the inclusion of the bride's son, and an adaption of a recent wedding ceremony custom.

Marriage Ceremony - Outdoor garden setting on a bridge overlooking a pond. A specially written children's vow is now being repeated by the bride and groom to the bride's son. As the vow finishes, the "Sand Ceremony" begins.
Sand Ceremony Rendition- TCN personalizes the Sand Ceremony for bride and groom. A picture of the bride, groom and son, specially adapted for filling of sand. Sand is now being poured into frame - three colours- one for the bride, one for the groom, one for the bride's son.
Sand Ceremony Frame Family Keepsake - Frame, with picture and coloured sand will be a reminder to this family of the warmth, love, commitment and acceptance of the family.

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The Clergy Network of Southern California is a wedding officiator membership. Custom written wedding ceremony, choice of officiator, emergency clergy or officiant backup, bride name change software, California confidential marriage license issuance, and more! Non-denominatioal officiators for a Los Angeles Wedding, Orange County Wedding, San Bernardino Wedding, Riverside County Wedding

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Adding A Wedding Custom To Your Wedding Ceremony - Wedding Officiators In Southern California

The Clergy Network Wedding Officiators Network - Adding a "custom" to the wedding ceremony - a more physical symbolism - should be done with a calculated purpose. To add a symbolic gesture, such as "Unity Candle" or "Wine Ceremony" or " Sand Ceremony" , "Jumping The Broom" or other, "just because", usually looks "thrown in" or like an "after thought". In short, don't include words or symbolic gestures, for the sake of it. Even if family tradition requires certain things, there are ways to adapt a traditional wedding ceremony custom for a about-to-be- married couples idea of marriage.
Wedding Customs - How About Adapting A Time Tested Traditional Symbolic Wedding Custom - At The Clergy Network, we customize, in fact, write, each wedding ceremony with each of our marrying couples. In short, be creative or get creative help. If currently a bride and groom, the concocting, revising and importing of a symbolic custom into your wedding ceremony text should be fun and meaningful to you personally. If not wanting to "reinvent the wheel", then adapt a familiar custom, so, a slight twist on the "Unity Candle", "Wine" or "Sand Ceremony", or "Jumping The Broom". For example, One of my marrying couple's took a TCN suggestion to adapt the "Jumping The Broom" ceremony by replacing the broom with a hockey stick - the bride and groom were both semi-professional ice hockey players. If the "jumping the broom" is something you want, but you don't play hockey, perhaps golf... What about "jumping a golf club"? Conclusion - So, if not wanting to invent a symbolic ceremony custom of your own, adapting a time tested one toward a mutual hobby might do just fine.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Didn't Get A Copy Of My Marriage License- The Clergy Network of Southern California Tip-

California Marriage License- If recently married in Southern California, but did not receive notice that your marriage license has been filed, don't expect such a notice. It is not the policy of the State of California to notify as to the "recording" of a marriage license. It is the sole responsibility of the bride and groom to verify the "recording" of their marriage through the proper marriage license recording division.

The Clergy Network & The Filing Of The Marriage License - There is a way to request "Certified Copies" Of The Marriage License in advance! - This is a couple's "proof" of marriage - TCN can suggest the "quickest way" to obtain copies of a "filed and recorded" marriage license document. Ask TCN for details upon booking your TCN wedding officiator, and be notified automatically as to the completed recording of a marriage license.

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Bride Name Change Delay- By The Clergy Network - Southern California Wedding Officiants

Marriage Last Name Change Delays- Did you know that the Wedding Clergy, Wedding Officiator, Marriage Minister, Wedding Judge or Justice-Of-The-Peace can delay bride name change notification or change of maritals status notification?
How Does This Happen & What Does This Mean To Me?
How? By not "filing" the marriage license promptly after the solemnization (presiding) of the marriage ceremony. Although each American state's requirements, as to the "deadline" time frame in which to "file" the marriage license varies, it is not so much a question of "are we married, (if marriage license is not filed quickly), but, if the marriage license recording bureau has recorded the fact of your marriage. You see, once recorded, proof of marriage is available to the newly married couple - proof which is needed by those important entities waiting to learn of a new marital status. The Clergy Network recommends The Name Change Kit For Brides With Software to assist in your marriage last name change notification.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding Ceremony Location Tip- The Clergy Network Wedding Officiants Of Southern California

Picking A Southern California Wedding Ceremony Location? Ask A Clergy Network Wedding Officiator - Tip - When Selecting A Wedding Location, ie., Resturaunt, Country Club, Hotel Ballroom,Etc., Get The Total Truth, In Writing, About The Layout Of The Wedding Ceremony Area! Why?

A May 2009 TCN Wedding Location Tip - A TCN wedding officiator, talking with that weekend's bride-to-be, went through a final checklist of the wedding ceremony area. Told by the bride,certain plans were re-organized and that the wedding guests would be seated from the right side of the ceremony area...... The TCN wedding minister informed the bride of the reason for which this would not happen without difficulties. The Wedding Officiant knew the location and their ceremony set up!

What Did The Wedding Officiator Know? That a large portable bar would block the right side of the ceremony area, per that location's usual ceremony layout. The bride had not been advised of this simple fact by the venue. At this particular location, the coordinating staff is notoriously "hands off", but set in their way of "doing things".

What Happened To The TCN Bride & Groom? In the case of our bride, it turns out, that on the wedding day, the guests could not be readily seated from the right side of the ceremony area - The portable bar did indeed block the way! The bride's center aisle was not saved just for her entrance, but used some for seating the guests. And after the ceremony, there was the usual backup of guests, as the bar was opened, making it difficult for the after wedding ceremony pictures to take place with ease. Guests were simply in the way. Wedding Photographers just don't like this kind of "after-the-ceremony" sceanario, as it is their job to get the best pictures, and without interruption. Especially, if the sun is setting or food is ready to be served.

Moral Of The Story - Wedding locations sales and catering staff often have a "set way" of doing things. Find out in advance what this means to your wedding ceremony. What if the TCN bride had known this before booking? Perhaps, she may have looked elsewhere?
A wedding ceremony area is best reserved solely for the ceremony itself or at the very least carefully orchestrated at change over from ceremony to reception. Our marrying couple should have been advised of the wedding ceremony set up at booking. Wedding ceremony organization depends upon such prior knowledge. The TCN planning session with the bride discussed center and left side seating of the guests at her selected wedding location. It was the TCN wedding officiator that advised the bride of the locations set up, not the location itself. Ask your TCN Wedding Officiator about your ceremony location?

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Bride, Groom & Wedding Officiator Circled By Bumble Bee During Wedding Vows - The Clergy Network -Wedding Officiators Southern California

Wedding Officiators from The Clergy Network in Southern California are no stangers to interesting wedding ceremony moments. This month alone, a determined bride, groom and TCN wedding officiant played "chicken" with a bumble bee during the wedding vows. If the marriage officiator was bitten, it could have been personally determential to them! Our TCN officiator did their job with honour!

Why Is This Important? A professional wedding officiator knows how to handle adverse happenings during a wedding ceremony. It is important to the bride and groom that the one presiding knows how too "handle" the unexpected! If the wedding clergy or judge or justice-of-the-peace can't cope or is indecisive, what is the very emotional bride and groom to do? What if the wedding minister just looks out for himself or herself.

How Did The The Clergy Network handle the situation? Very simply, continued on with the vows, not showing fear or making a scene - in this one particular case the bee seemed to be a curious sort, not so much looking for a fight. During these tense minutes, the bride and groom took the lead, with a few giggles between the three recipients of this curious visit, the bee finally went on and the wedding vows were seemlessly completed. Fighting off the bee was not a good idea, so remaining calm, as if the event wasn't taking place, proceeding with the wedding vows was the best thing to do. After the ceremony, wedding guests close to the front commented to The Clergy Network wedding officiator as to their admirable control of the situation.
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Tip From A Wedding Officiant- Bridesmaids, the Bride, etc, should really consider not wearing perfume or other scented products at an outdoor wedding ceremony - the sweet smell attracts bees! The wedding flowers and bouquets alone invite curious critters.

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Wedding Location or Venue Ceremony Tips- The Clergy Network Of Southern California

Looking for A Southern California Wedding Location? Ask A Wedding Officiator from The Clergy Network - A Wedding Officiator Service -what they think. A wedding clergy or wedding minister, which presides wedding ceremonies on a regular basis, knows much about wedding locations in their area of business.

Picking A Wedding Location In Orange County or Los Angeles County - Just this month, The Clergy Network of Southern California, presided at wedding locations with innate problems. Either the wedding venue's banquet coordinator was "missing in action", leaving the bride and groom in a disorganized mess, or the left outside ceremony area was blocked by a portable bar. What does all this mean? The Clergy Network's own wedding officiator will blog in detail on the subject, so follow us for details, on our TCN blog or at

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Hearing Impaired Bride-To-Be - The Clergy Network Wedding Officiators of Southern California

Hearing Impaired Bride - Southern California - It's Your Wedding Day - But, You Will Not Be Able To Hear The Music Or The Words To Your Wedding Ceremony - How Can The Ceremony Moment Be Made Meaningful For You?

Silence & Meaning......

Interpreter Secured For Hearing Impaired Bride-To-Be. The Clergy Network wedding officiator at La Habra, California wedding writes wedding ceremony for hearing impaired bride. The wedding ceremony wording was specially scripted to include an Interpreter for the deaf.

What's So Unique About This - Many wedding clergy or wedding officiators, do not possess the training or inclination to co-officiate, then alone work with an Interpreter for the hearing impaired. The good news, TCN specializes in such a team effort.

Before The Wedding Day - TCN writers and the wedding officiant communicated with the bride via a telephone service (California Relay) which accomodated her special needs - This kind of communication took time, patience, organization, effort, and was truly a tedious process for all concerned. However, the rewards of this mutual effort, brought about a beautiful wedding day.

On The Wedding Day - The Bride, The Groom, Wedding Guests and the Interpeter benefited by the many hours of ceremony organization TCN and The Marriage Officiator put into its planning. How rewarding to know that our TCN bride, and her many hearing impaired friends enjoyed the meaningful words crafted by the TCN wedding ceremony writing staff - The smile on the bride's face during the wedding ceremony is not forgotten to this day.

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Baseball Wedding Ceremony - A Baseball Fairytale Wedding - Southern California Celebrity Wedding Officiant - Dr. Linda

The Clergy Network Wedding Officiators - Anaheim, Orange County California- AskDrLindaA Baseball Love Story - A man and woman met on a blind date - the place - Anaheim Stadium in Southern California. Both lovers of baseball, and since that evening, he in love with her and she in love with him - It is true that a romantic love and best friendship started with that night's game.

Months after, Anaheim Stadium became Edison Field, and here, its first ever wedding ceremony was hosted. As the Kansas City Royals and The Angels baseball teams warmed up, the woman from some months earlier, became a bride. As she descended the stairs through the stands, guests rose to greet her. With music playing, the man, from some months earlier, now a groom, smiled .... He chuckled some in the remembrance of a "baseball" blind date. With the bride down the steep bleacher stairs, the processional music stopped, and Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda ready to speak, it happened! From the baseball field came a chant... "Don't Do It!, Don't Do It!, Don't Do It !" Yes, the Royals and the Angels, in unified mischievous agreement, gifted the best wedding present - better than a signed autograph would be this wedding day memory. This never to happen again wedding at Edison stadium, with its featured mix of Kansas City Royals and Angels' players, a one-of-a-kind. To this day, a husband and wife, and a fun loving Dr. Linda still smile, at the memory, and the distant chant of "Don't Do It". Who ever said that "baseball and love, don't mix?"

One Last Thing... When the old Anaheim Stadium seats were up for sale, Dr. Linda's happy couple bought their original "blind date" seats. A happy ending to a real-life "Baseball Love Story?" 

(copyright by Dr. Linda - Celebrity Wedding Officiator 2009)

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Dr. Linda, recently the Celebrity Wedding Officiator for The Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding Bravo T.V. - Tamra and Eddie

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wedding Tip - Hot Weather Wedding Guests - Southern California Wedding Officiators

The Clergy Network of Southern California- Wedding Officiators- AltaDena Country Club- Faulker Winery Temecula- Wedding Ceremony Tip- A summer time wedding is lovely, but what about the outdoor's wedding ceremony? At TCN, we suggest that wedding guests are not to be seated in outdoors ceremony area until immediately before the actual starting of the ceremony celebration - even with large crowds, it doesn't take long to get the guests in their seats.

As Southern California wedding ceremony officiators, we can speak to this issue. There should be no compulsion, at a warm weather wedding ceremony, for arriving wedding guests to be seated for the invitation start time. Weddings in Southern California can run 15 minutes to 1/2 hour past invitiation ceremony start time. Sitting in the hot sun, for up to 45 minutes before actual starting time, is dangerous to the health of the wedding guests.

As a bride and groom, don't feel compelled by wedding ceremony ettiquette to seat guests according to the invitation start time. Provide a shaded area for ceremony guests, prior to their seating, or at least umbrellas (hand held or other) and cold water for their health and comfort.

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The Clergy Network Of Southern California - Ask Dr. Linda - Custom written ceremony for Everlast's Erik Schrody by a member of The Clergy Network - A Southern California Wedding Officiator. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dana Point Wedding Outrage - 300 Un-Invited Wedding Guests - Orange County Park Wedding Event Permits Don't Always Assure Privacy!

(Revised Sept 2013) - 300 UnInvited Wedding Guests - Heritage Park, Dana Point Wedding Ceremony Outrage - The Clergy Network of Southern California. Imagine 300 or more uninvited wedding guests - Recently, our TCN officiator, at a Dana Point wedding ceremony was faced with 300-400 uninvited wedding guests! The wedding couple had a special Orange County Parks' Wedding Permit and purchased required insurance - they were officially legally permitted.  This marrying couple had looked forward to their wedding ceremony for some time, and expected privacy. The wedding event was to be intimate and sentimental for so many reasons. And, to top it off, the groom was in the shadow of military deployment. This, an event to be shared by those who cared about them the most. With the pre-secured assurance of access and location, the day came to celebrate! So, who were these 300-400 uninvited wedding guests?

Prior to the bride's arrival, our Dr. Linda, a Celebrity Wedding Officiator, was going through pre-ceremony paces, and soon became increasingly challenged with a growing number of prom teens and their parents. The group grew, and hoards of picture taking pre-prom young adults descended upon the sacred wedding ceremony area.- Too large of a group to be without a permit! With numbers mounting, invited wedding guests could not find a park, and it was a mess! It also was a very dangerous environment. And, really needed police supervision. Even sadder, and somewhat shocking, were the number of prom-teens' parents not willing to cooperate with the wedding couple's Orange County Wedding Event Permit's stated rights and privileges - Even blocking the wedding -aisle entrance of the bride.  Some parents, when asked to move from the wedding aisle, even stated "Our child's prom pictures are more important, the bride will just have to wait." We won't even address the rudeness of the teens themselves! And, the noise! As a result, the wedding ran terribly late, jeopardizing the couple's wedding pictures (sun was beginning to set). Eventually, the sheriff's officers were called in, cleared the path and the wedding began.

Brides, when planning a beach or beach-park wedding that requires a permit, know that the city officials don't tend to advise of other scheduled events in your permitted ceremony area. Or, due to the public nature of the site, a local group's decision to congregate without permission is beyond their concern or knowledge. In fact, the after hours telephone number on the permit information given to this Dana Point bride and groom, was not even an active telephone number. (Although designated as an "Emergency Contact Number")

Finally, unfortunately, during the ceremony, the teen crowd's loud voices did distract the couple during their marriage vows' exchange. Dr. Linda, an exemplary wedding officiator, exhausted by efforts, still managed to help make this disappointed couple's wedding ceremony special. We are confident in saying that TCN and LegallyMarried is the only wedding officiant referral service in Southern California who would have so actively worked to make such a successful outcome under these opposing odds. Thank you also to the Sheriff's department's assistance.

Brides, pick your wedding officiator for your Dana Point and Orange County California wedding ceremony wisely! A public beach or park wedding ceremony is fraught with potential hazards. A skilled and involved wedding clergy, wedding officiator, wedding celebrant or justice-of-the-peace is essential at an outdoor wedding location environment. Professional marriage officiants will work hard for you in the best or worst of wedding day circumstances. Thank you, Dr. Linda!

Dr. Linda is a Southern California Celebrity Wedding Officiator. From The Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding Bravo T.V. to The Food Network Star Chef's Wedding, and the bride on a budget.  A wedding officiator, wedding ceremony educator, wedding ceremony writer, blogger & Director of officiators, also in Southern California. Book Dr. Linda for your wedding ceremony event in Southern California.

Los Angeles Wedding, Orange County Wedding, Riverside County Wedding, San Bernardino County Wedding

(Featured picture is not of Heritage Park)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Amphitheatre Wedding - Southern California Wedding Officiants -

The Clergy Network - Southern California Wedding Officiators- At a Southern California outdoor amphitheatre wedding there are some important considerations. I shall deal with one at a time, per post.

1. Wedding Officiator that understands the importance of the Photographer, "Getting The Shots" at an Amphitheatre wedding.

Wedding pictures are married couples memories. With time memories fade, in 10 or 20 years, the pictures are what helps them to remember. A wedding officiant who does not understand this is an impairment. In a semi-circle amphitheatre configuration, it is often difficult or impossible for the wedding officiator to obtain pictures from the back top of the ceremony side of the amphitheatre. A skilled professional Wedding Officiator understands this and accomodates the photographer, beforehand, so that these difficult shots can be taken during the ceremony.

The Clergy Network of Southern California understands this. In fact, we are in the process of planning and writing a Yorba Linda Amphitheatre wedding ceremony today. Learn about Amphitheatre weddings from The Clergy Network.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Military Wedding Ceremony - Southern California

Military Wedding Ceremony - Southern California Wedding Officiants- The Clergy Network - Whether a full military wedding ceremony or a modified version, an off-the-base wedding ceremony can be customized. TCN's military wedding for this weekend was written with both civilian and military ettiquette in mind. The bride (civilian) and the groom (active military), happily worked with a TCN wedding officiator to construct just the right blend of two worlds. Clothing, music, processional and recessional protocol, etc., were a few of the many considerations that shaped their custom written Clergy Network wedding ceremony and vows.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Asian Wedding - The Clergy Network of Southern California

Los Angeles County Wedding Officiator or Marriage Clergy - Civil or Religious Asian -Western Wedding takes place at The Pacific Palms in City of Industry. About 1000 guests, including prominant dignitaries attend and enjoy as Dr. Linda Trott presides wedding ceremony.

Los Angeles Wedding Officiators, Orange County Wedding Officiants,
Riverside County Wedding Officiators, San Bernardino Wedding Officiators

Billingual Wedding- Orange County California

The Clergy Network Of Southern California - Orange county california wedding officiants - TCN billingual wedding in Garden Grove featured Vietnamese and English. TCN specializes in Asian-Western weddings.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beach Wedding - Huntington Beach

Beach Elopement - Huntington Beach Wedding Officiator - Morning beach elopement in Southern California is lovely.

Things that you might need -

1. A Clergy Network Of Southern California officiator

2. A Permit (if only bride, groom, wedding clergy and witness, permit might not be needed)

3. A California Marriage License - (specific to the county or generic to the state of California)

TCN can issue the California Confidential Marriage License!

For More Details contact 714 970 8839 or
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Winery Wedding - Wedding Ceremony

Orange County Wedding Officiators - Temecula - Faulkner Winery Wedding - Garden wedding - An out of the way wedding venue, such as The Faulkner Winery in Temecula, is a reason to request the wedding guests to arrive at least one half hour before actual wedding ceremony start time. Putting this earlier wedding ceremony start time will help to assure a better attendance at the wedding.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Multicultural Orange County California Wedding Officiators - The Clergy Network of Southern California - Mother's Day Destination wedding in Garden Grove features multi-cultural wedding ceremony. The Clergy Network is first in providing bilingual or multilingual marriage ceremonies in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County.

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The Clergy Network - Bride Name Change 2009

California - United States - Bride and Newlywed Name Change - Regional wedding officiator services, gifts The Name Change Kit for Brides to hundred's of Southern California brides and grooms. Wedding Professionals love to give the gift of bride last name change software to their couples.

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Swine Flu Wedding - Orange County Wedding Officiators - Justice of the Peace - Wedding Ministers

Orange County Wedding Officiators- The Clergy Network Of Southern California - "Swine Flu epidemic is the reason for canceling my Mexican (Cancun) wedding", says a bride - Guest would just not go South of the Border! TCN was selected to provide a Wedding officiant for her Indian Wells wedding.

The wedding officiator was selected and the custom wedding ceremony written within several days!