Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anaheim Wedding Officiant - Trusting A Wedding Officiator That You Don't Know

Anaheim California - Wedding Officiators - Today, just about anyone can become a wedding clergy or wedding officiator in Anaheim California. Look at the many links in the search engines or in on-line wedding directories. Based in Anaheim Hills, The Clergy Network offers screened, degreed professional wedding officiants, no "fake clergy" can qualify for our group, and noone in our group pays for advertising space.

What To Look Out For When Selecting An Anaheim Wedding Officiant - A few Suggestions

1. Is part of a Wedding Officiator On-line Directory - If so, referrals are not credible, as these officiators are only referred because they pay for the advertising space. They are not veted, and are more than likely not "real" wedding officiators. This is the case in most all on-line Southern California Wedding Officiator groups, expect for The Clergy Network.

2. Is an independent officiator, (working without partnerships), such as Reverend__________, as this does not give choice of wedding officiator, nor does it guarantee Emergency Backup in the event of that officiators illness or inavailability. The Clergy Network guarantees Emergency Wedding Officiant backup in our Officiants service contract.

For more pointers on "How To Select An Anaheim Wedding Officiator", please visit http://www.theclergynetwork.com/ to download our PDF Brochure or at info@theclergynetwork.com

A Few Anaheim Wedding Locations Which The Clergy Network Presides - Disneyland Fairytale Weddings, Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim Hyatt Hotel, Anaheim Hills Country Club, Dad Miller Golf Course, The Whitehouse, and so many more.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sour Wedding And Sales Coordinator At Orange County Wedding Locations Loses April 17th 2010 Wedding Event!

February 18, 2010 – Sour Wedding Coordinator at local Orange County wedding location loses TCN Couple’s Event.

So What Happened?

Southern California Wedding Locations – Orange County California – Wedding officiators, marriage ministers and wedding clergy know something about what goes on behind the scenes at local wedding venues. As with any person to person meeting, “first impressions” can chart the course of continued discourse or interest. Recently, a sour wedding coordinator, associated with a local Orange County California wedding venue, provided no help to a Clergy Network couple planning a near future wedding ceremony. The Clergy Network bride commented on the fact that the venue’s event planner not only “did not smile”, but seemed disinterested in booking the open April 17th 2010 wedding date. As a result the wedding location, here in Anaheim, lost not only this couple’s event, but several of their friends looking for wedding locations locally.

Facts For Brides and Grooms Regarding Wedding Location Sales & Your Wedding Event

Point One – Corporately held wedding locations sales drop due to sales staff unsuited in personality, competency and enthusiasm. Not an uncommon scenario in corporately held hotels, country clubs, etc.

Point Two – Overworked and underpaid wedding and event planners, employed by corporate owned venues, can work under unrealistically imposed “rules” that hamper sales. Burdened under the weight of restriction, a sales representative’s hands may be tied, with the end result loss of revenue.
Ask The Clergy Network Of Southern California About Their Experience At Your Potential Wedding Location

What Can We Do To Tell You About The Behind The Scenes of Wedding Locations?

The Clergy Network of Southern California is happy to discuss a proposed wedding venue from an “Officiator’s” prospective. Take a Clergy Network Wedding Officiator tour of Southern California wedding locations, based upon our experience of the marriage ceremony area. TCN offers screened, degreed, wedding officiators, here in Southern California. Also call to discuss marriage license information and bride name change information for the State of California.

Main Office – 714 970 8839

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

California Best Dressed Wedding Vendor Award – Dr. Linda Trott of The Clergy Network - Southern California Wedding Officiants

Award Winning Marriage Minister and Wedding Clergy Fashion- Southern California - Yes, when a justice of the peace, marriage minister or officiator, as with any business professional, being well dressed is essential. How much more so when presiding a marriage ceremony, funeral or memorial, baby dedication or christening, quinceanera blessing ceremony or other life celebration.

The Clergy Network's Dr. Linda Trott is proud to have accepted the "Best Dressed" award, from over 45 of her peer event professionals. The Clergy Network of Southern California is a professional wedding officiator and officiant network - from what we wear to the custom written ceremony wording, TCN is an example to the wedding vendor and wedding clergy or marriage minister profession. Congratulations to the award winning Clergy Network of Southern California and to Dr. Linda Trott!

Dr. Linda Trott has national recognition as a life celebrations software innovator, ceremony writer and public speaker. For an interview on the subject of "life celebrations" , please send your enquiries to info@theclergynetwork.com Dr. Trott has been featured on television, radio, print and podcast interviews. Members of Orange County Wedding Planning and Event Center - http://www.orangecountyweddingcenter.com/