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Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away – A Wedding Day Tribute To Lesli’s Grandmother Stella

United States - Oct 2013 -  Back in the day, the popular television show,
“MacGyver”, was a world-wide sensation. Children wanted to be a “MacGyver”.  The MacGyver character’s
main assets were his utilitarian application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of everyday items – along with his always near Swiss Army knife.
This American action-adventured television series encouraged my like inclinations too. In fact, I am a sort of “MacGyver” wedding officiator – researching the science of a matter and finding an inventive use for it within a marriage ceremony. Shouldn’t all wedding ceremony writers be a kind of “MacGyver”?   

I was reminded of the “MacGyver” character today, and how his skills could revolutionize the event industry. Whether planning a wedding reception or a marriage ceremony….. A “MacGyver” wedding coordinator or a “MacGyver” wedding officiator has its merits.  While sitting with a bride and groom, the “MacGyver” in me was again inspired.  There, this marrying couple and I began to build the sentimentally profound words of their marriage ceremony. And, then, the bride remembered her Grandmother Stella’s love for the hummingbird.  - A granddaughter’s love recollects the sweetest things, and this was one of them. 

So, like a “MacGyver” of the wedding officiator variety, I set myself to the task of inventively finding a way to honour Grandmother Stella.  And, along this creative road, I learned about the hummingbird.  This week, Lesli is married.  As Grandma Stella is verbally revered, my efforts are to be well rewarded by the tears of gratitude from so many. This is my wedding gift to the bride, and it would make Grandmother Stella smile. - She is not lost forever. Not out-of-mind. Certainly, not far from her granddaughter’s loving heart.

Because Those Gone Before Us & Their Story Should Often Be Fondly Recollected

When creating a "Wedding Ceremony Values" list, don't forget to remember someone you love and miss! 

Today, having just about finished the Hummingbird Tribute to Grandma Stella, I sat with a recently engaged couple.  As wedding musicians, they had seen many officiators, but, none like me. As we composed the words and developed the ideas of their marriage ceremony, they were stunned.  They had their “MacGyver” wedding officiator, and this was a good thing.  We have already begun working on some new ideas, which will be shared later.

In the meantime, well, it is about written, a “Welcome” to the wedding guests, which includes my original tribute to Grandma Stella. I thought that I would share a few words with you, We still have a few touches to add, and things to tweak ,but, almost there. 

Wedding Day – A Bride Remembers Grandma Stella & Hummingbirds

“Most sentimentally, this day would not be the same without a cheerful remembrance.
Sometimes the smallest things can change our lives, and bring the sweetest recollections.  It is that “small thing” which makes us smile or laugh or tear joyfully. On this wedding day, there is a “smallest thing” that inspires strong and happy sentiments for Lesli of her Grandma Stella – Thatsmallest thing”, the “hummingbird! Grandma Stella loved her hummingbird visitors. Each one, with its eighty times per second fluttering of wings and humming noises.  Their flying left, right, backwards, upside down or in a figure eight. With their minuscule hummingbird hearts, each one with its 1, 260 heart beats per minute.  These tiny creatures provided countless hours of pure delight to Grandma Stella. Their beautiful iridescent colours and visual displays brought Stella such pleasure.  So, on this joy ­­- filled occasion, how fitting to remember Grandma Stella and her hummingbirds………. ! All of what she loved, silently and sentimentally influences this minute. The shear memory of her brings a fuller inspiration to this marriage. At this threshold moment of marrying, Lesli wanted you to know about her heart of love for Grandma Stella, and, how she holds close her memory. These “snapshots in time” go happily into her future. And, today, smile along with her too -- for with any luck-- a hummingbird might pass this way. – A sort of “kiss from the heavens” and a gift from Grandma Stella, on the occasion of her granddaughter’s wedding day."   
(Copyright Dr. Linda – 2013)

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The Bride Shot At Me - Social Networking Bride Gangs May Be Here To Stay By Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda


Part 1 - Series - An article to inform Wedding Services Professionals

Wedding professionals, due to my last few days on bride populated Internet social networking sites, “madness” has requested its domination. Of course, I refuse to say, “Yes” to its invitation to torment! Suffice it to say, event professionals, we may be in trouble! If your marrying couples are “High Enders”, perhaps this article is not for you. But, it could be. For those many wedding service providers delirious to find work at all or simply attracting the average bride, please join this series’ discussion.

News outlets have studied the unfavourable bonds formed within Social Media. Just today, a woman's Facebook post, featuring an image of her toned physique and her 3 young children, was barraged by 15,000 "name callers" (predominantly women)! And, for what? This young woman simply suggested it possible to be healthy and a mother of three young boys! Within a news story about this Facebook woman, the female commentator offered some descriptive words, often posted about herself, by social networking "name callers"! - Such as "whale", "elephant", "gorilla", and the like.  This news anchor also admitted a struggle with her body weight. To take a big leap, it seems that there is a viciousness inherent within this generation's Social Networking Culture, and it makes these women's experiences more normative than isolated. So, how does this translate within the "Wedding Planning Industry"? In keeping up with the world outside The Knot or Wedding Wire, there is an entire universe of engaged women, who might have possibly been brought to earth by sadistic alien beings! Let me describe our experience on just one of the more popular social networking “Mods” forums. My reason for keeping up with the new, newest and newer of the monstrously growing Internet social caf├ęs might be different from yours, but you still need to know. This new kind of bride may be coming through your doors very soon. Here we are, never thinking that this group of wedding professionals would write about such a thing! - Especially, as birthed by their own experiences!

So, here goes….Did you know that there are actually on-line “Bride Gangs”! Yes, “Bride Gangs!” -- With the same mentality as any garden variety of “Gang”. There is a “Gangland”.  There is a “membership”. There is a “territory”.  There is a “creed”. There is a “policing force”. There are the “ruled” and the “ruling”!  And, unless you live there, you will not know the kind of things that go on.  It is enough to say, “Let’s all just only service the luxury bride, and forget the rest!”

Social Networking Forum - Bride Type 1 – The Bully or Enforcer

So, what is that to you? Perhaps, you don’t even frequent or visit these bastions of the engaged women. But, dear wedding professional, the kind of brides found in a wedding forum are not necessarily a fringe element.This is a generation of wedding customer, who might be here to stay for awhile!  And, that is a problem for the whole industry! 

Let me introduce you to the first bride.  She was a sort of a “Greeter, Gangland Style!” Within, just a few moments of posting an informative article for discussion, her response:  “Get off of our site you ########! You are spamming, you ########.... We don’t want you here!” Now, do bear in mind, there is no sign on this forum which says, “Die Wedding Vendor Die!”  But, if she had fired a gun at me, I would be deceased! Seriously, what is wrong with this bride?  Apart from possessing only a "four letter word vocabulary"! What is this "false sense of territory"? Why is she so naturally "hostile"? What are her mental and emotional issues? This was a “Gun Moll” of the “Bride Variety”!  ... And, she had followers!

So, what was the nature of our unforgivable social act? What heinous crime did this wedding professional commit? Should I be executed for my crime? Now, don’t laugh but, I simply posted a link to an original article that was thoughtfully researched and compiled! Bringing to the light, a true concern for marrying couples. And, then asked if anyone would like to discuss it with me! Even inviting brides to help by adding to it also. This article's ideas were posited by me, a human behaviourist, caring person, and devout wedding professional. Couldn't another's experience and academic insight be helpful to a wedding planning bride-to-be? Now, because of this posting, I am amongst “America’s Most Wanted“! Shocked aren’t you? Well, you are not alone! Again, don't make the mistake of thinking that this Greeter Bully Bride was the only one like this on the wedding planning forum!

Should I Strike A Plea Bargain? 
Let Them Run Me Out Of Town On A Rail?

In this Wedding Professionals Series, I hope that we might collaborate on “What to do next?” What adjustments to make, or not make. - Because, ladies and gentlemen this “Bridal Mafia” is amassing its army.  There is a clear message, that they don’t need us.  They are shouting, “We can get what we need on the Internet”!  Crystal-clear were their messages of contempt for my 24 years of wedding experience and education. (A “Bully Bride” actually wrote, “I am an expert…. I have been planning my wedding for 9 months!”) These brides were tired of us vendors promoting our websites or Facebooks! And, especially those "pesky" informative articles, whereby they might learn something! These brides were a tribe, a clan, a family! Wedding professionals, in our collaboration, I hope that this continuing series will arm us for our wedding industry futures!  In the meantime, “I am going back in. Cover me!”

For Discussion By Brides or Wedding Professionals experiencing the "Bride Gang" mentality on Wedding Planning Forums. For the purposes of suggesting, "How to bring generous expert assistance (via Social Networking), to those brides wanting it, but being blocked by bride-peers with personal agendas.

TO BE CONTINUED – DR. LINDA (Words and Images - All Content - Copyright 2013 - Dr. Linda)

Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - The Clergy Network & LegallyMarried is a Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Writer, Blogger & Educator, and has written and presided marriages for 24 years.  With multiple academic degrees, she was also a professor and president of a university. Friends with many National & International Wedding Professionals, she enjoys writing "collaborative" articles with them. From The Food Network Star Chef’s Wedding to The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. Wedding to the bride on a budget, Dr. Linda is a “Wedding Values” writer. Dr. Linda encourages what is really important about “getting married”.   Starting with absolute values first, helps a bride make the best and most memorable wedding planning decisions.

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Invisible - The New Wedding Guest RUDE! By Celebrity Wedding Officiator Dr. Linda & Maria Erdman Table Manners Exp

October 11, 2013 - United States - Maria Erdman, an expert in "Table Manners" offers this true story as a part of our series on "Wedding Manners".   www.seeseelifestyle.com

She was British, and she was royal. At a dinner party Princess Anne spent the entire meal talking about horses with one of her dinner companions. Throughout the meal, beyond passionate about horses, this royal ignored her other dinner table neighbor. Until that moment when, the princess turned to him to ask for the sugar. At her request, the slighted man put two lumps of sugar on his open palm and held them out to her!

Depending upon your vantage point, the ignored table companion either demonstrated his dismay with a well placed correction or with an out-of-order admonishment. Whether a graphic plea for acknowledgement, or something more derogatory... Point Well Taken!  Does this kind of scenario bring back an "I am invisible" moment for you too? In an uncomfortable way, I too have been the victim of "Social Dismissal" at the wedding reception table. So too, at a wedding rehearsal and on a ceremony day. In fact, at a recent celebrity wedding, "Invisible" was my middle name!  Whether the "Brave New World of Technology Dependence" is the culprit or the flawed "Child-Rearing" of the "Hippie Generation", it just is that way! But, it does not need to remain in this flagrant state.

Be it self - absorbed or insecure..... Single - tracked or Scattered..... or whatever disposition, the "Invisible Ones" at your wedding should certainly find their voice. Whether you consider yourself their good friend or an exceptional  bride - hostess, it is your joyful responsibility to foster an inclusive wedding environment. So, how do we change the American culture on this regard? This is a good question which requires a big answer! So, let's just start with your wedding!

Firstly, I will start off with a few suggestions, adding to the article with your ideas as we go along. This will be a "Wedding Manners" collaborative article. We will even give you a link credit for your accepted story or manners suggestion.

1. Study the "Art of Inclusion" - At a social event or business mixer, pay attention to the presence of those around you.  The "Invisible Ones" don't need to remain unseen. You can be that "first hand-shake" of acceptance!

2. Outside Your Familiar Social Circle, find a common ground of interest, or invest a few minutes in discovery of another's passions. Generally speaking, human beings like to learn, and enjoy communicating their treasured information. Also, there is great satisfaction in acknowledging the value of others. Even those across the room, or standing by the guest table, etc. have a story to tell you. -  A story with your name on it! Who knows, this here-to-fore "Invisible One"  might mention something that they read about a recent "Medical Cure" or that invites some other solution in your own life. Perhaps, you may meet Mr Right or Miss. Right or, that "Friend for Life". When at a social event,  become known for your character and class,  choose to participate outside your familiar inner circle.

3. As the bride, discuss your requirement of "Inclusive Enjoyment" for all wedding guests. - From the reception Master of Ceremony or D.J., to your Wedding Planner.  As a Wedding Officiator, here in Southern California and as an International Wedding Ceremony Writer, I have many suggestions on "How to Include Family & Friends In The Ceremony Moment!"  www.facebook.com/legallymarried 

4.  Simply the "Thoughtful Thing To Do", assign each table a host and/or hostess. - Those selected should have an inclusive nature.- This will facilitate natural lively conversation and enjoyment at their table of influence. 

5. Simply the "Thoughtful Thing to Do", assign a person to attend to those wedding professionals providing services at your ceremony and reception. Greet them at their arrival, thank them at their departure. Sometimes, on a hot wedding day, the Wedding Officiator could sure use a cold glass of water (That would be me)!

Polite Wedding Officiator For Your Orange County or Los Angeles or Riverside County Wedding

Discussion With Maria Erdman's submitted story of Princess Anne. "Ms. Erdman spent most of her life in Europe in the international aristocratic and jet set environment. She lived an elegant lifestyle unimaginable for most of people. Her main activity was hosting social events. .......She was identified as the most elegant woman in Rome by the national newspaper "La Repubblica"....Today Maria is focusing on using her experience, talent and passion to enhance the lives activity was hosting social events."

Discussion With Dr. Linda - Celebrity Wedding Officiator - Officiated The Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding on June 15th 2013 & The Food Network Star Chefs Wedding

Recently, after my Bravo T.V. wedding ceremony for The Reality Show - The Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra & EddieI received a number of compliments regarding the kindness and grace in my voice and in my deportment. Also, that these traits are not ones manufactured. Wedding or Celebrations Manners are more much more than "have to", they are public expressions of what a person values, and who they are or want to become.  

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The New Look In “Wedding Crashers” - This Wedding Crasher Isn’t The Wedding Officiator, But, She Could Have Been! (True Wedding Story) By Celebrity Wedding Officiator Dr. Linda

United States - Oct 6, 2013 - Start with a beautiful Southern California night, then, note a brightly lit structure in the distant hills. And, now, imagine a second one, almost exactly like the first – With one structure parallel to the other, just on different hills.  Passing through a chain of green lights, you travel towards both hill-side palaces, just as it has quickly slipped into the night with the brightness of the sun replaced by twinkling party lights. Choosing the left gate and ascending the hill is altogether festive. There, along with the tender breezes at the top, are happily racing parking attendant-greeters and an amazing view of the Catalina Islands. Yet, as majestic as this moment might be, you are there to work!
Early, as usual, you exit your automobile. Immediately, you navigate the people crowded entrance, walk straight past the wedding venue’s hostess, and right down to the ceremony area. Surveying the layout, saying “hello” to the other wedding vendors, doing a microphone “sound – check”, and, so forth. There, diligently going through your pre-ceremony paces, always competent, helpful, and organized. – But, then, it happens, you hear the marrying couple’s first and last names mentioned….. Oops, your innocent mistake hits hard, much like that childhood “belly flop” on a swimming pool’s hard watery surface. And, under your breath, you say, “I am on the wrong hill!”   Now, you are not the usual “Wedding Crasher”, because you are a “Wedding Officiator!”  This kind of crashing is excusable, and even humorous, especially if it is by a diligent and legitimate marriage officiant. NoteBy the way, exiting quickly, but still early, the real officiator of this true story found her bride and groom at the wedding venue on the other hill!
Real Wedding Crashers Use Credit Cards Just Like Your Wedding Guests & Might Leave You With The Check!
At any large hotel, there could be three or four or five wedding celebrations in one four hour
time-block. In fact, as a wedding officiator, scouting out my contracted ceremony event, I have innocently walked into the wrong already happening reception and been greeted warmly by the unsuspecting! It is just that easy to do! So, what about the new wedding crasher? Are they drawn to the open bar and passed hors d'oeuvres at a wedding cocktail hour? Maybe, the monetary treasures in envelopes ready for picking on the gift table? Perhaps, he or she is using your wedding day much like a “dating service”.  Certainly, there could be those.
Human “creativity” is either noble or dastardly, and amid rising hotel rates, crashers are after your discount. You might say, “Oh well, the more the merrier!”, but, like with anything stolen from the innocents, enough of that kind of activity ruins it for others.  Then, the correction becomes corporal, much like punishing the whole fifth grade class just because of one obsessively pesky student transgressor.
The experts say today’s “Wedding Crasher” is getting in on the lower price connected with a block of rooms for a wedding or a corporate event. Apparently, rates are steeper during high-demand times such as wedding season or a busy convention period. And the wickedly resourceful know it. This crime of a “stow-away” or “camouflaged” wedding guest is so easily perpetrated. In fact, it is the 68 percent of the marrying engaged, with their public wedding websites doing the “aiding and abetting”. How you might ask?

The Good Thing That Is Also The Bad Thing

The simple act of the on-line posting of important wedding organizational details for genuine wedding guest attendees is the culprit.  For those “devious for a discount”, a wedding website provides guest information, such as where to book rooms and deal codes that often are not password-protected. Crashing a block is easy enough to do with just a quick search for "wedding block," (along with a location and date), yielding potential dozens of examples.
Wedding website couples, not-to-worry, and hotel purveyors don’t punish the “whole for the few”.  Even though “crashers” fly under the radar, it is easy to determine if one is a victim. Together, with a representative of the hotel hosting your wedding guests, go through the names in your discounted block regularly. If you don’t recognize a name or two, just let them know. If your “discount code” was used by a “Wedding Crasher”, the hotel might suggest the typical protocol for this offense.

Finally, a bit of a warning too … Realize that Hotels aren't overly concerned about crashers, as it's better to sell a room than have it go empty. So, engaged couples, this leaves it to you to thwart interlopers. Do be diligent to catch any crashers in your room blocks. Too many couples “asleep at the wheel” could result in legitimate guests' paying higher rates or being unable to book at all. Those not-caught uninvited can also leach right under your nose. Perhaps, even padding the bill for things you might pay for per head for your guests, such as breakfast, shuttle use or gift placed in rooms. Certainly, there may be other un-intended consequences. So, for all of us innocents, Happy “Wedding Crasher” sleuthing

About Dr. Linda

Facebook Discussion of ""Healthy Bride Wedding Planning" - Dr. Linda Officiated Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding of Tamra and Eddie Bravo T.V. on June 15th 2013. As she finishes the writing of this introduction is off to preside her "Food Network Star Chefs" wedding.

From Dr. Linda

"Recently, after my Bravo T.V. wedding ceremony for The Reality Show - The Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra & EddieI received a number of compliments regarding the kindness and grace in my voice and in my deportment. Also, that these traits are not ones manufactured. The command of the wedding ceremony showed knowledge and experience. Wedding or Celebrations Manners, along with acquired knowledge and experience are more much more than "have to", they are public expressions of what a person values, and who they are or want to become. As to "healthy living", my physical stamina in my work as a Celebrity Wedding Officiator is due to the healthy body, mind and spirit choices that I have made every day for decades. 

copyright 2013 - May not be used in any fashion without express written permission from  Dr. Linda 

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Healthy Bride Wedding Planning By Celebrity Wedding Officiator Dr. Linda & Certified Nutritionist Donna Schuller

October 3, 2013 - United States - A True Wedding Story  - It was about 9 p.m.. Lisa, a bride-to-be, and Dr. Linda were to go over wedding ceremony details via telephone.  Lisa answered her cell-phone, almost as if out-of-breath, her exhaustion ruminated. "How are you Lisa", said Dr. Linda....Lisa answered, "I am exhausted... So tired, even if I get sleep, my engine is running low!"  Dear reader, Lisa is not the only bride on the verge of collapse! The tired state of a bride is a common theme in the "getting married" community. Work and school and wedding planning, or "just life" and wedding planning has deleterious effects on even the "good-natured" and "well-healthed" engaged woman. From "What colour lipstick, nail and toe polish should I wear?" to "I want you to be my wedding officiator, Dr. Linda", the research, going here and there, and the decision making aligned with the over-all wedding planning is physically debilitating. As a bride "treads water" or "wades" through the planning process, she becomes simply beat! So, if a common problem, why don't we see more about this?

The Healthy Bride Regime - A Bride's Calendar Days Should Include Some Smart Health Planning Too - Bride Lisa Needed That Kind Of Rescuing And Right Away!

I think, in all of living, as in planning a wedding, the "becoming healthy or keeping healthy" is not something that is practiced overall. Personally, I have studied Naturopathic Medicine for over 25 years. In basic terms, this is the study of encouraging the human body's own ability to repair or to continue in a healthier state.  Lisa, my bridal client, needed this kind of help, and now! What bride-to-be doesn't want lovely skin on her wedding day, or whiter teeth or.....?  It is a fact, when in physical pain or discomfort, a person does not enjoy their day in the same way, as when pain-free! And, every bride should enjoy their wedding planning and their wedding day. 

In starting with the "pillar of the wedding planning endeavour", the bride..... May I introduce to you..... Nutritionist Donna Schuller. In our newest edition, Donna, as a Health & Wellness expert, will bring "Healthy Bride Wedding Planning" tips to our Wedding Social Network. She has been a bride, mother of two brides and of the groom (one more son to go!), also is a wellness coach -  This is a perfect combination of experience and learning!

Here is Donna's first contribution: Certified Nutritionist Donna Schuller

"I've been a parent at three of my four grown children's weddings so far.  I have been married for almost twenty-nine years.  I know from experience that when you're planning a wedding there's a lot to consider. Starting with yourself and your spouse-to-be.  Are you on the 'same page' when it comes to body, mind, soul health?  Do you have similarly aligned goals and aspirations for the future?  Is your spiritual life active and do you agree on how to raise a family when it comes to religious teachings?  Do you take care of your physical body by exercising regularly and do you agree most of the time on healthy food choices?  Are you carrying any heavy 'baggage' into the relationship as it pertains to unresolved issues with your family-of-origin?  Remember: what doesn't get worked out gets acted out.  
Although as the saying goes, "opposites attract", it is important that you are not opposite when it comes to issues regarding your overall health.   Make sure that you are both committed in achieving and maintaining health in all three areas of your person before you tie the knot.   Remember that the person you marry is the person you get!  You can do very little to change them so start aligning yourselves for total body, mind, soul health before the big day.  The great news is this:  you have come to this website to gain knowledge and insight so that your future together can be all that you want it to be. Congratulations!" 

Join our "Healthy Bride" discussion here, or at www.facebook.com/legallymarried 

About Donna

Donna Schuller, c.n.c.  is a certified nutritionist;  body, mind, soul health expert and coach;  author;  international public speaker, and blogger.  She is the sole proprietor of Laguna Beach Nutrition and Health.  She can be reached through her website at :www.Lagunabeachnutrition.com or for individual coaching at:  donna@donnaschuller.com 

About Dr. Linda

Facebook Discussion of ""Healthy Bride Wedding Planning" - Dr. Linda Officiated Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding of Tamra and Eddie Bravo T.V. on June 15th 2013. As she finishes the writing of this introduction is off to preside her "Food Network Star Chefs" wedding.

From Dr. Linda

"Recently, after my Bravo T.V. wedding ceremony for The Reality Show - The Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra & EddieI received a number of compliments regarding the kindness and grace in my voice and in my deportment. Also, that these traits are not ones manufactured. The command of the wedding ceremony showed knowledge and experience. Wedding or Celebrations Manners, along with acquired knowledge and experience are more much more than "have to", they are public expressions of what a person values, and who they are or want to become. As to "healthy living", my physical stamina in my work as a Celebrity Wedding Officiator is due to the healthy body, mind and spirit choices that I have made every day for decades. 

copyright 2013 - May not be used in any fashion without express written permission from Donna Schuller and Dr. Linda