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May 24, 2013 - By Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott
Beach Wedding Ceremony California – 
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Been together a long time or not, a beach wedding may have appeal. There are two types of couples contemplating a ceremony on the sand - The Spontaneous and The Romantic, or The Storybook and The Romantic. Both have their weaknesses and strengths. Today, let’s briefly look at the temperament of the “Spontaneous and The Romantic”:

What It Means To Be Spontaneous And A Beach Bride

The Latin language gives us the word spontaneous “Of one’s free will”. When thinking about this trait in regards to wedding ceremony planning, there are some immediate observations. - Although spontaneity might satisfy a bride’s or a groom’s psychological drive, like any personality impulse, it can lead to unnecessary challenges. And on that “special day”, those easily avoided challenges are not so appealing.

Let’s define it, “spontaneity”, as applied to getting married. The wedding planning bride or groom with a spontaneous” streak tends to decide some things voluntarily without external constraint or logic. When related to a private or public beach wedding ceremony, this places the couple under the jurisdiction of momentary impulse, perhaps missing thought directed human effort, and appearing without apparent external influence, even from am internal directive controlled by feeling. This is especially true if the motivation is primarily not monetary, as much as it is for “romantic” feeling or to satisfy motivating “spontaneity”.

So, for the beach bound wedding ceremony couple, there are a few apparent challenges. In short, if the spontaneity is the result of “Let’s do this now”, there can be consequences in this imperfect world. No matter what the reason for the spontaneity, whether their accountant says, “time to do this now”, or, if pregnant, or any of the other “nows”, this ceremony is “sand-ward bound”.


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Here is just one challenge, on average, which presents itself to the Spontaneous and Romantic Beach Ceremony bride and groom:

1. No Permit To Hold Ceremony on Sand – For the “Spontaneous and Romantic”, for whatever the reason, the idea of a “permit” is often overlooked. Making assumptions that support “spontaneity”, add the unwanted element of “danger” on the day. Without a “permit” .....

a. A couple may be asked to “move on” by a beach ranger, and fined.

b. The marrying couple’s photographer or wedding officiator or musician may also be fined in the hundred’s of dollars.

c. If asked to “move on”, the wedding professionals hired to provide services related to that wedding ceremony time and day or location, may keep their payment for services and then leave. There is no contractual obligation to “play revolving wedding ceremony location”

d. If asked to “move on”, contracted wedding ceremony service providers, delayed by beach rangers may need to honour the next contracted ceremony obligation. The couple is now without wedding service providers.

e. Another marrying couple with a “permit” may have a jurisdictional right to the beach space.

f. “Private” beach residents have the right to call in authorities relative to “trespassing”

g. A wedding couple’s “ring bearer” or “bridal escort” pet may be cited, or impounded by authorities.

h. A couple may violate the “Code of Conduct” for “Permitted” wedding ceremony activity without knowledge. This may lead to further “official” repercussions. Including, but not limited to cessation of music, picture taking, and wedding guest participation.

i. Others, enjoying the beach, do not have to move, if in the wedding ceremony spot. They are free to lounge on a towel or the sand, and not budge.

j. Dangers relative to the beach location are not known, and could end in tragedy.

In conclusion, I will write another time about the “Spontaneous and Romantic” beach wedding couple. – The attributes and the Achilles heal. Looking from the vantage point of the “future”, it is all about what a couple is willing to remember regarding their wedding day. For once lived, their “first time” romantic beach ceremony can’t be a “first time” after it is marred with chaos. What if it is only a simple “permit” which assures that the “romantic” mark is hit?
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Unknown said...

The problems of privacy for a beach wedding may occur in just about any public place. We have seen uninvited members of the public squat in park space reserved by and for our client's exclusive use with little or nothing to be done about it. Even a call to the local police failed to budge the uninvited. When strangers wander into your event be diplomatic in asking them to move on. Be prepared to offer cash.

Wedding Helpers said...

Mr Hendin, thank you for your comment on "Beach Wedding & The Spontaneous Romantic Bride". Yes, so true, I remember a group of tourist once, who stood inside a gazebo refusing to move as the wedding was about to start. They didn't speak English, which made it worse. Trying to convince them to move on, even with the permit, delayed the wedding.There are other examples. Thank you for another practical reminder. Regards, Dr. Linda- Celebrity Wedding Officiator