Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fisherman's Knot Wedding Custom - Add Your Ideas To Our International Discussion on This Wedding Custom With Celebrity
Getting married on a boat dock? Perhaps, a tropical beach? A small water craft or a cruise ship? Maybe, even at a Maritime Museum or Sea Aquarium? Recently, my Merchant Marine groom "Tied the Knot"..... I mean this literally!  This article marks the beginning world-wide recording of Wedding Knot Tying Traditions and Symbolisms. So, let's start off with some old and new ideas. For my Merchant Marine groom, I wrote the words, just for him. But, let's create some new ceremony wording together. Contribute your thoughts and pictures about Tying The Fisherman's Knot"  in a wedding ceremony. Let the recording begin!

What are some of the concepts that can be used to write this part of the wedding ceremony text? The Fisherman's Knot is :

1. Historically the "True Lovers Knot"
2. The strongest known knot type
3. Stronger under pressure
4. The simplest knot to tie
5. The part of the rope which remains intact
 (Even when the surrounding rope breaks)

Some Wedding Symbolisms For Tying The Knot - 3 Ropes

1. Intertwined rope pieces is  an ensign for "joining of lives"
2. Two of the three joining ropes are visual dipictions for the past & present
3. Two of the three joining ropes represent the "single life"
4. The third of the three ropes signifies a couple's future
5. The third rope is an ensign for a "strong marriage"
6. The combining of the three ropes into a knot, signifies a "new family"
7. The third rope represents God's blessing & help in marriage

Suggestions On Materials Used For Knot Tying or In Symbolism

1. Drapery Cords
2. Mooring Rope
3. Coloured Ribbons
4.  Glass Simulation of 3 Cord Knot Emblem on Sand Ceremony Vase
5. Combined Metals of a 3 Cord Knot Emblem on Sand Ceremony Vessel
6. Knotted Necklace or Bracelet or Brooch and Knotted Tie or Lapel - Pin 
exchanged during wedding ceremony
7.  Water Colour or Painted renditions on Reception Table
8. Wedding Day Fisherman's Knot Tattoo
9. The 3 Cord Knot Emblem to decorate the Unity Candle
10.  The 3 Cord Knot Emblem Engraved inside the Marriage Bands

About The Picture - Created By Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda, for her Merchant Marine groom and his bride. The quote is an original, a small excerpt from her custom written wording to introduce the "Fisherman's Knot" tying tradition during their 2013 wedding ceremony. Dr. Linda writes wedding ceremony wording and vows for couples world-wide.

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