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Wedding Aisle Madness - The Foolishness of Getting Certain Wedding Tips From Wedding Magazines By Dr. Linda

Whats Wrong With This Picture? 
Open Letter To Wedding Magazines 

By Celebrity Wedding Officiator
Dr. Linda

Wedding Magazine editors or associated decision makers should ask, "In the Trench" professionals, to write their “Tips and Trends” articles for them! Shouldn’t the wedding professionals invent the trends based upon their practical and expert experiences? I have said that for years! Even volunteering to write about "All Things Ceremony" for groups like The Knot! In the end, when a bride attempts to utilize a “Wedding Trend Tip” from a non-expert Wedding Magazine writer, the professionals, those actually working with the couples, are inconvenienced!  See below…..? This is one of many examples as to why wedding magazine conglomerates need our help! Their writers don't appear to have officiated a wedding ceremony ever! What do they know?

Brides Read This, Then Look at The Knot Image!

Quote from Knot Website 
"Did you know that rugs made of knotted yarn (called “rya”) are an important part of a traditional Finnish wedding ceremony? The couple would say their wedding prayers while kneeling on the colorful rug and then they later display it in their home. Today, the hot trend is to take rugs from your favorite design store or flea market and turn them into your ceremony aisle (tip: check with friends and family to see if they have any that might look pretty too!). If you do end up buying them, the best part is you can totally reuse the rugs in your home later and they make for easy set-up and clean up. It’s really a win-win. See the photos of couples who used rugs as aisle runners below! Rustic Woven Rugs on the Beach"

Look at this image! My officiator team laughed out loud! So, did I....! Bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride, groom, and me standing on this, as positioned on the beach sand! Do I have to paint a picture of the safety issues alone, or my experience with such dangerously unsecured wedding ceremony decorations! Don't get me started on the importance of safety in the ceremony environment. With all due all of the Wedding Magazine conglomerates…… Please ask my officiators or  ceremony writing team to write your tips, trends and wedding story segments! They have actually presided wedding ceremonies! Dr. Linda


Dr. Linda and her wedding ceremony team write original wedding
ceremonies for couples world-wide. In America, their services include both the writing and presiding of the marriage ceremony. Also, TCN and LegallyMarried are  “Friend Officiant Trainers” for couples who have selected a friend or family member to  preside their marriage.

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