Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Perceptions of Economy Are Undermining Wedding Celebrations In America – 2009Wedding News – The Clergy Network & Ask Dr. Linda – Planning Through The Eyes Of Meaning and

Whether real or perceived, wedding celebrations, in large American numbers, have been scaled back or reset for 2010. For the bride and groom planning a wedding in 2009, a word of wedding ceremony planning wisdom from The Clergy Network and Dr. Linda - The natural inclination to “expect much for less” or to “relinquish the important for a “recession budget”, can lead to trouble and irretrievable “missed sentimental opportunities” . You might ask, what trouble? What “missed sentimental opportunity”? In short, I believe the sacrificing of the meaning inherent to the wedding ceremony celebration can be inevitable in our present economy. A bride and groom may end up not knowing the joy that marrying couples before them know, because the determining factor for every decision was “How much, What, Can’t You Do Better Than That” or “ No, we can’t have what I really want, because we are on a budget”.

Like the rudder on a ship, what a person believes about a thing, determines their decisions and ultimately their actions. So, Dr. Linda Trott of The Clergy Network suggests planning your wedding ceremony and reception by the compass of “meaning and memories”, rather than the “pocketbook” alone. Far too many couples are letting their finances rule an immensely important life achievement. So, at the beginning of general wedding planning, a newly engaged couple should make A “Wedding Memories Wish List” before compiling a list of things. After this, consider what things and what services will help to accomplish this most important list of all – those intangible, but real and meaningful memories every couple should take away from their wedding day.
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