Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding Officiant Presides Marriage Ceremony on Two Continents - The Clergy Network of Southern California

Wedding Officiator Presides
Marriage Ceremony Simultaneously
in Bulgaria and United States
California - Orange County - Los Angeles - Wedding Ceremony & Officiator - On this lucky rainy day (Bulgarian custom assigns blessing to those marrying on a rainy day), a Bulgarian couple marries. As family partied in Bulgaria and watched the marriage ceremony through  Skype, our TCN couple tied the knot in a posh Orange County, California home. After embarking from their cruise ship, (porting in Southern California), our happy couple, picked up the best man, then drove two hours to wedding venue, married, celebrated at a two hour reception and returned to sail the world as a married couple! Congratulations to our destination bride and groom and to our TCN wedding officiator who simultaneously presided a marriage ceremony on two continents - Bulgaria and United States!

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