Friday, December 17, 2010

Southern California Wedding Officiators - Couple Jumps Cruise Ship to Marry In Tustin California - Unusual Wedding Guest Look On! 
(Update Sept 9th 2013) - Tustin - Southern California - Wedding Officiators True Stories - Many couples dream of being married on a cruise ship. But, what if you work on one? Would you wish to marry aboard ship? Our TCN couple, working on a cruise ship that travels the world, couldn't wait to get off the ship to marry! Upon docking, jumped ship, travelling from San Diego to Tustin, California to "Tie the Knot!" Hopefully, to become Mr. and Mrs quickly enough to get back on board their cruise ship work place and home, before it left port later that day. 

This cruise ship employed couple, both Bulgarian citizens, meet while working aboard various cruise lines. Still gainfully employed on the San Diego docked ship, they would have only two hours to marry, (at a private estate home), enjoy a reception luncheon and embark from their floating home. Also, the identity of the best man changed on route to their nuptials. Upon their Tustin arrival, the marriage ceremony was watched by their Bulgarian family via Skype, and the local wedding guests included the estate home's owner and her many kitty cats!

Finally, note the original image and quote by Dr. Linda, about a recent "Dockside" wedding ceremony. above or "like" at Pinterest.

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