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Wedding Ceremony GPS Required......

 The Wedding Ceremony Temperament Series

By Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott
(Celebrity Wedding Officiator)

Identifying The Faux From The Genuine

“Say What?”

At a recent wedding professionals’ event, several Event Planners joked about one of the local Wedding Officiators attending that night. “He’s such a fake”, was one of the assessments. Not to mention braggart, and a few other choice descriptions. They weren’t fooled, and they did not recommend that person’s services.   Also, at the same party, several other Wedding Planners were chatting about their mutual removal of a few local Wedding Officiators from their respective Wedding Venue referral lists.   

But, You Are A Bride – How Are You Supposed To Know 
Who Is The Genuine Article?

For the marrying couple, how do they navigate the crowd of novice or illegitimate “Wedding Officiators”?  Frankly, this is a chore that they should not need to engage. Oh, for the good ole days, when this title and the role were admired, and the aspiring officiator had to pay their dues.  There were real societal expectations, including stringent given training requirements. But, with the Internet, anyone, and I mean anyone can become an officiator.  Thus the beginning of this series on, “Wedding Ceremony GPS Required”.  I can do this because, I am a genuine career Wedding Officiator with multiple academic degrees, a professor of officiators, and probably the most experienced in the Southern California area. There is nothing “faux” about the years, effort and money invested in my officiator education!

A Good Information Series, like this one,
 A Wedding Ceremony GPS

There is a lot to talk about, so more series articles to come.  Not in any particular order, this is just one of the things a bride should rally around when starting the officiator selection process.

Let’s Start You Off In The Right Direction –
 Turning on The Wedding Ceremony GPS

1.  Be concerned if a prospective Wedding Officiator is not asking you to explain your vision of your wedding ceremony.  He or She should be asking you to define the words and ideas being stated.

For Example:

“I am Spiritual” said the bride to the Wedding Officiator.”

As a University trained Wedding Officiator, I should be thinking….. O.K., really, what does it mean to her to be spiritual?  If the officiator doesn’t ask for “spiritual” to be explained, or perhaps, define it, it means they are disinterested.  Or, that they simply don’t care. Or, they think they know what you mean.  Or, they just don’t want to spend the time crafting ceremony wording which has the couple’s “personal meaning” in mind.  “Spiritual” is not a simple thing, and it needs to be parsed.

Conclusion:   As a Professional Wedding Officiator, I ask the bride and groom to define words and ideas.  Before, they have even booked my services, I see the “persons”, not the “dollar signs”.  Asking for explanations, it is how I navigate what to suggest.  It is how I prove my interest in them.  It is how I show them that I am skilled in what they need.

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