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Wedding Ceremony Temperament - Understanding A Bride And Groom From The Start

Wedding Ceremony Temperament Series Understanding The
Bride And Groom Client
From The Start
By Celebrity Wedding Officiator - Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott

We bring our personalities, our indelible character preferences to everything we do. Like ink that is permanent, or glue, or that which is in its very self basicly unchangeable. These form our decision in the daily things of living. Ever wonder why you picked that wedding dress? That Wedding Photographer or that Wedding Officiator?  Yes, you are on a sort of "personality auto-pilot". I am Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott, and I actually established a type of "Wedding Psychology".

Not Being A Student Of This Subject And Its People, As Wedding Professional....
Even, As A Bride Or Groom Is Costly

If a bride and groom has a prosporous wedding budget, then, go ahead just pick. Money is no object. Yet, even the wealthy, such as those Celebrity Couples for whom I have written over the years, it is easier to rightly start.  And, that takes a trained "Wedding Therapist" to navigate.

For those on a "shoe-string", budget, which is most of us, knowing something about yourself also has great benefits. That is what I and others in our group are trained to surmise early on. And, we do this regularly. I will write another time in detail about many aspects of the "Wedding Ceremony Temperament"

What Does That Mean To Me As A Bride Or A Wedding Professional

Well, let's apply this to just the wedding vows. But, I could even discuss this in the light of other areas related to "getting married".  And, yes, just as having a generous wedding budget or not, can influence Wedding Ceremony Temperament related decision making......So too can the skill or starting insight of a Wedding Professional grate against these seemingly invisible human traits.  In short, for me, a simple conversation can determine what materials I present, or don't  as A Wedding Ceremony Writer or as a Wedding Officiator. The bride and groom that perceives your intuitive ability to "know them" from the start, can determine whether or not you are their selected wedding services provider.

Defining A Wedding Ceremony Temperament! Like A Fingerprint or DNA....

In psychology, temperament refers to those aspects of an individual's personality. For example, are they introverted or extroverted? Temperament is innate rather than learned - A personal stamp from God ... The fingerprint or DNA of the human soul! Although, beyond the scope of this wedding blog article and a closer look at the subject, here is a brief summation... I just want brides and grooms, and Wedding Professionals to think about it just a bit.

Wedding Ceremony Temperament is innate to each bride and groom - It is each's view of the world, and life through preferences.

The Wedding Ceremony Writer - A Detective Of Preferences
He are a few basic examples of deducing a couple's wedding ceremony temperament:

The words that make one comfortable or not, define preference. Do you like the word "Bond" or "Unity"? The word, "Commitment" or "Friendship". The "liked" word picked helps to clarify the Wedding Ceremony Temperament. It is both the Wedding Ceremony Writers guide and a marrying couples friend.

Is the bride or groom more verbal or visual or tactile? Yes, finding a preference here, helps the ceremony writer access the "main header" content suggestions for consideration.

Is the bride or groom more "Historical" or "Forward Thinking" or "A Popular Culturalist"? For further example, having just presided The Real Housewives of Orange County marriage ceremony, a bride and lover of this Reality Show might enjoy something derived from "Reality" show quotes. - Of which, there are many Reality Shows and related quotes about love and marriage. Preference here, further helps to gather material wording for the ceremony.

Is the bride or groom "inclusive" or "exclusive" in relationships?

There is much more to Wedding Ceremony Temperament, and the trained wedding ceremony writer, like a Doctor or Lawyer, is a student and teacher of "persons". As a word craftsmen, it takes years of education in human behaviour, public speech presentation, language building, and so much more. But, in general, it is something that can be taught to professionals, and applied to their particular wedding industry services.

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