Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bride Name Change - Orange County California

The Name Change kit for Brides By The Wedding Helpers - Although a California new bride will change her name on a Federal and State level, a bride changing last name in Orange County California will have specific requirements in name change notification which may apply to her Southern California county of Orange County. Local government agencies, individuals and corporations associated with a bride and groom's day-to-day living experiences in Orange County California should be included in last name change notification. If a Orange County bride, contact or to discuss some of your local Orange County county bride name change notification needs.

2009 Bride Name Change- New Features in The Name Change kit For Brides By The Wedding Helpers - Include multiple "flash name change tutorials", complimentary E-NameChangeCard notification website (for quick and creative name change on-line), career name change notification information for thousands of occupations in all 50 states, Groom change of marital status instructions and forms, new governmental forms important to bride name change notification, live help and so much more!
The Clergy Network - The Name Change Kit For Brides is included when booking a wedding clergy, wedding officiator, civil wedding officiant, marriage minister or non-denominational clergy to preside over a Southern California Wedding Ceremony.

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