Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wedding Ceremony - Typical Wedding Ceremony Length

The Clergy Network of Southern California - Ask Dr. Linda - "What is the average wedding ceremony length?", asked a bride recently. As a professional wedding officiator, here in Southern California, I would like to suggest the following as a guide line.

Civil Wedding Ceremony - A standard "Civil" wedding ceremony may range from 3-8 minutes from start to finish. A "Civil" wedding ceremony is usually conducted by a Judge or Non-Denominational Wedding Officiator. In some states, a Justice-of-the-Peace may also preside over a "Civil" marriage ceremony. In California, there is no Justice-of-the- Peace system.

Non-Denominational Wedding Ceremony - A "Non-Denominational" wedding ceremony may or may not be religious in nature, but more likely will include some statements of religion. A "Non-Denominational" wedding ceremony is usually about 15 - 17 minutes in length. In Southern California, a "Non-Denominational" Clergy (sometimes known as an officiant or officiator), may be a degreed professional or one who is "Internet" ordained. The Clergy Network.... A Wedding Officiator Network, enjoys membership at Orange County Wedding Planning and Event Center, as degreed, screened, career officiators for weddings, Quinceaneras, baby dedications or christenings, life remembrance celebrations and memorial services.

Religious Wedding Ceremony - Whether a Jewish marriage ceremony or a Christian denominational wedding ceremony, the ceremony length usually falls within 30 minutes from start to finish. In a more Orthodox or Liturgical religious system, i.e. Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox, a wedding ceremony may be approximately 45 minutes from beginning to end. Moreover, there may be exceptions, such as that of a "High" Church wedding ceremony, which may last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

More To Consider

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