Monday, March 7, 2011

Maison Des Oliviers - - Orange County Wedding Location & Wedding Officiants

Why A Private Orange County Wedding Location Over A Larger Hotel Or Wedding Venue?

More specially,  in larger venues, such as hotels, some country clubs and the like, more than one wedding takes place at the same time. This leads to confusion and a diminishing of the specialness of a couple's wedding day. At a private wedding ceremony location, there is no running into 5 or 6 other brides walking through a hotel lobby, all on the way to their own ceremonies. No concern over standing in line with other couples to take wedding pictures at the best area locations. No lost wedding guests, wondering if they are at the right wedding ceremony? Wedding gifts placed at the wrong couple's gift station! For one very smart and lucky bride and groom , simply a day, just their own. The Maison des Oliviers, in San Juan Capistrano, is such a lovely idea. As a private owner occupied estate home, once booked, the location is yours for the day! Lorrie de Bellis, Wedding Event Coordinator , , is the person to contact for a private walk through Maison des Oliviers. Lorrie de Bellis is the preferred booking agent for Maison des Oliviers in San Juan Capistrano. Lorrie can also provide additional wedding location options to accommodate personal taste and wedding budget.

More About Maison des Oliviers - A Private Orange County California Wedding Location
  • Guest Capacity: Up to 200
  • Exclusive Estate, Ocean Close
  • Bridal Changing Room
  • Rose Garden, Fountains, Lawn, Pool Deck
  • Panoramic Views
  • Valet Parking Required

The Clergy Network of Southern California - Wedding Officiants At Private Wedding Locations

Travelling throughout Southern California, provides wedding officiants for exclusive private wedding venues, such as Maison des Oliviers. Custom written wedding ceremony, and choice of hand picked, professional and background checked wedding officiators. Marrriage license issuance and bride name change softaware and instruction is available.

About Dr. Linda -  Article Written by - Dr. Linda is a multi-degreed public speaker, writer, life celebrations officiant, former professor, software inventor and entrepreneur.

(Maison des Olivier mages provided by Click Chicks Photography & Elle Photography)

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