Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Terry's True Wedding Ceremony Story - Why She Didn't Ask A Family Member To Preside Her Marriage Ceremony?

March 15th 2011 - When Terry was about to be married, she had the option of a number of degreed and trained wedding officiants from which to select. These career wedding celebrants were respected and legitimate leaders in her faith community. In making their officiant decision, Terry and fiance, shared a concern, which was not one of their training or acumen – In short, the candidates were all Terry's  family members with shared history and biology! Popular opinion suggests that a close relationship with the wedding officiant makes for a flawless, interesting and meaningful ceremony. This is a misnomer, in that it is actually the close psychological bond that works against a successful nuptial experience. In Terry’s case, all family members were great public speakers with years of experience under their belts, but none-the-less family!

The marriage ceremony is filled with intensely high expectations, and a myriad of deeply ruminating emotions. In addressing the trend – that of a family member’s presiding of a relative’s marriage ceremony - this DIY catastrophe is causing heartaches for couples, families and ceremony related wedding professionals! On-line “ordination” or County Clerk “deputization for the day” is for the sole purpose of performing a single wedding ceremony, and is popular in some states.

What Were Terry's & Fiance's Concerns About A Family Member Wedding Officiant?

Terry and fiance knew that the familial emotions ran deep, this, coupled with lofty expectations, was a blend to disaster. On the wedding day, all eyes will be on them, AND their family member officiant!  Despite skill and experience, their confident family member may find the attention unhelpful – they are reading more than a script! Will they choke up! Will they be able to continue, after losing composure? Will they make mistakes, because of their personal need to “give the best wedding ceremony performance ever?” Will it become over - personal, so as to lose other important ceremony qualities? Will Terry and fiance, "feel married",  if a family member presides? If there is are "nervous mistakes" by the family member, can Terry, husband and family member get past them in the future?

In the meantime, know that Terry and her fiance selected a trained wedding officiant, one with a great personality and heart. This, in conjunction with the potential officiant's willingness to put in the time to formalize a custom written ceremony, was the winning combination. But, best of all, the officiant was not a family member! On the wedding day, all family members loved the ceremony, and as one expressed, “I was able to enjoy the ceremony as a family member, and not as my niece’s officiant! I let the tears and emotions flow, without concern of messing up my niece’s big day!”

If your wedding ceremony is important, discover the services of a degreed, trained and background checked wedding officiant – One whose daily life's work is about “all things ceremony!”

I Don't Want A Family Member To Preside My Wedding Ceremony ! So, How Do I Find a Legitimate Southern California Wedding Officiant To Officiate My Wedding Ceremony?

At  – The Clergy Network of Southern California has a membership of civil or religious marriage ceremony Wedding Officiants which travel to many south land locations. We have performed many ceremonies at "private" or "boutique" locations, and are happy to consult via phone an in-person about your wedding ceremony.  To learn more about having a custom written marriage ceremony, private marriage license issuance and a Southern California Wedding Officiant contact –  or our main office at 714 970 8839.

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