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Celebrity Wedding Officiant - Dr. Linda - "What I Like About The Orange County California Wedding Ceremony Venue At Arroyo Trabuco County Club"

July 20, 2013 - Arroyo Trabuco Country Club Wedding Location Venue - By - Southern
California Celebrity Wedding Ceremony Officiator, Dr. Linda:  
"Since 1989, I have been a wedding ceremony writer and officiator. My couples have the distinct pleasure of utilizing original words and ideas to express important things about their love-filled commitment to a conjoint future life."  Most essentially, "words" have meaning, and on the wedding day even more so. From the grandparent to the parents, along with the marrying couple's friends and extended family members, the depth of the words and feelings invoked in just 15- 30 minutes is dynamic and monumental.  The marrying couple share a one-of-a-kind history with the guest participants, and there should be no under-estimating the impact. So, what does this have to do with my Arroyo Trabuco Country Club wedding? Plenty! 
(Dr. Linda a Celebrity Wedding Officiator seen on Bravo T.V. in The Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding of Tamra and Eddie & Food Network Chefs Wedding 2013) (Dr. Linda is available to preside your Arroyo Trabuco Wedding Ceremony!)

The Wedding Ceremony Atmosphere Is Enhanced By By Location, Ceremony Words and Ideas,  Human Relationships & The Wedding Officiator Presentation 

As a wedding guest, just imagine your first impressions of the wedding location. - The sights, sounds, smells! Then the excitement of being invited to your wedding ceremony view. Already with your senses enjoying everything overwhelmingly pleasant about the location. Now, the moment has come, the parents are being seated, and the "Processional" is beginning. Then, the entrance of the groom, finally the bride and her escort. As the music fades, the opening words of the wedding officiator. At that moment feelings known and unknown exude from every direction - emotion reigns supreme!  Here is the "Plenty" to which I was speaking above.....The Ceremony Words and Presentation Melodic and Engaging. The Music Melodic and Inviting. The Out-door Wedding Ceremony location harmonious and pleasant to all human senses.  From the comfort of the seating to the panoramic view to the over-all pleasant experience sets the tone for the guests fullest enjoyment of the ceremony moment!

Some of What I Enjoyed About Arroyo Trabuco Country Club

As an experienced wedding officiator, my 62 page ceremony checklist is utilized at each of my officiating occasions. At my Arroyo Trabuco County Club wedding there was no exception to my professional wedding officiator tradition. The following is a wedding promotional video for Arroyo Trabuco Country Club.  If looking to hold your event at Arroyo Trabuco,  I am also happy to discuss my ceremony presiding experience there, and my impressions of the wedding ceremony aspects of this wedding venue.

Invite Dr. Linda or The Clergy Network to officiate your Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Officiator Impression 1 

(In the future, I will write more about what I like at this location as a Wedding Ceremony Officiator)

Firstly, make certain that your Orange County Wedding Officiator has experiential knowledge of Arroyo Trabuco Country Club Wedding Ceremony Location.  Like myself.

"In general, the wedding venue is cozy and well -situated. The ceremony area is pleasantly private, well - kept, sporting extravagant scenic views. With its slight and tasteful "arbour- like" feel, it is rustic and quaint with a well-defined ceremony environment. This description reasonably shared by its adjacent patio vistas for pre-ceremony or reception refreshments." by Celebrity Wedding Officiator -Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - 

Finally, if you were married at Arroyo Trabuco Country Club, let us know what you liked about their ceremony location at

Please See Arroyo Trabuco Country Club Wedding Location Video Below

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