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Food Quotes In Former Food Network Chefs' Wedding Ceremony By Celebrity Wedding Officiator

California - Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - Celebrity Wedding Officiator and Ceremony Writer 
Food Quotes In Your Marriage Ceremony Or Wedding Vows 
My Marrying Couple Loves Food - Former Food Network Chefs' To Marry

 So, you love food and wine, but your Wedding Officiator's wording is "bland" in every way. He or she just doesn't have the skill, the time or, possibly the inclination to be different. So, Ask Dr. Linda, the Reality Show - The Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding Officiator for Tamra and Eddie to write your vows, or your Wedding Ceremony for that matter. Dr. Linda, writing two former Food Network Chefs' wedding ceremony can write yours too! 
Food Quotes in Your Marriage Ceremony or Wedding Vows

Collecting Wedding Ceremony Wording Materials
 For Food Chef Wedding in 2013

Dr. Linda may use the following quote in her 2013 Food Network chefs' marriage ceremony. As one of the many "Food" or "Wine" quotes being used, this one will be reworked as a part of either the "Introduction to Marriage", "The Welcome", or other segment. As a quote, it also may used as as part of the "Food" themed Wedding Vow!  Dr. Linda has mastered the art of Ceremony Writing to the occupation, hobbies, culture and personality of a bride or groom. 

Wedding Quote   ....."Worries go down better with soup."  ~Jewish Proverb ......

Step One - Is ascertaining the "Wedding Ceremony Temperament" of a bride and groom. As a Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Vows Writer, Dr. Linda looks to understand many things about the bride and groom, including "Personality Type", "History", and other factors.  There are articles on this blog which are the start of a series just on this subject of "Wedding Ceremony Personality".   So, after certain "Personality" signatures are established, then the collecting of material for the bride and groom. So, here, at this juncture is where a marrying couple's personal "Lifestyle Preferences" are studied. These "preferences" are based upon a series of questions, and the trained observation of one experienced in "Personality Theory"  In this case, the marrying couple are former Food Network Chefs, both have made "Food and Wine" their hobbies and professions. Even competing professionally on The International Food Network Channel.  So, the collecting of "Food and Wine" related quotes, favoured by both bride and groom, only begins the "Behaviourist Wedding Ceremony" writer's journey to fashion the perfect marrying words. 

About Dr. Linda's Decades of Theme Centered 

Wedding Ceremony and Marriage Vows

Dr. Linda has written, many types of  specialized Marriage Vows such as related to "Golfing", "Sports", "Fairytale", "Cowboy" and others. Dr. Linda has been writing vows for decades, and is the first to be prolifically creative in this way. In fact, to this day, she remains the sole writer of the truly creative Marriage Vows and Marriage Ceremony in America. Her Marriage Vows, previously published for International use, and original wordings found on custom Marriage Certificates Nationally. 

Former Food Network Chefs To Marry With Food Quotes I Want Dr. Linda To Write 
My Marriage Vows

Dr. Linda writes Marriage Vows and Ceremonies for couples world-wide. She also officiates Wedding Ceremonies in California, but is available to preside outside the State of California.  If you wish Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda to write your vows, contact us through the information below. 


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TCN, also provides professional Wedding Officiators, Marriage Ministers, Civil Wedding Officiators, Wedding Clergy, Non-Denominational Wedding Officiants, and others to perform the marriage ceremony. Orange County California Marriage License Issuance on day of the wedding, at wedding rehearsal or evening or weekend appointments also available.  To the Southern California wedding and event planner or wedding coordinator, Dr. Linda or The Clergy Network has been their professional referral for 24 years!

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