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The Bride Shot At Me - Social Networking Bride Gangs May Be Here To Stay By Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda

Part 1 - Series - An article to inform Wedding Services Professionals

Wedding professionals, due to my last few days on bride populated Internet social networking sites, “madness” has requested its domination. Of course, I refuse to say, “Yes” to its invitation to torment! Suffice it to say, event professionals, we may be in trouble! If your marrying couples are “High Enders”, perhaps this article is not for you. But, it could be. For those many wedding service providers delirious to find work at all or simply attracting the average bride, please join this series’ discussion.

News outlets have studied the unfavourable bonds formed within Social Media. Just today, a woman's Facebook post, featuring an image of her toned physique and her 3 young children, was barraged by 15,000 "name callers" (predominantly women)! And, for what? This young woman simply suggested it possible to be healthy and a mother of three young boys! Within a news story about this Facebook woman, the female commentator offered some descriptive words, often posted about herself, by social networking "name callers"! - Such as "whale", "elephant", "gorilla", and the like.  This news anchor also admitted a struggle with her body weight. To take a big leap, it seems that there is a viciousness inherent within this generation's Social Networking Culture, and it makes these women's experiences more normative than isolated. So, how does this translate within the "Wedding Planning Industry"? In keeping up with the world outside The Knot or Wedding Wire, there is an entire universe of engaged women, who might have possibly been brought to earth by sadistic alien beings! Let me describe our experience on just one of the more popular social networking “Mods” forums. My reason for keeping up with the new, newest and newer of the monstrously growing Internet social caf├ęs might be different from yours, but you still need to know. This new kind of bride may be coming through your doors very soon. Here we are, never thinking that this group of wedding professionals would write about such a thing! - Especially, as birthed by their own experiences!

So, here goes….Did you know that there are actually on-line “Bride Gangs”! Yes, “Bride Gangs!” -- With the same mentality as any garden variety of “Gang”. There is a “Gangland”.  There is a “membership”. There is a “territory”.  There is a “creed”. There is a “policing force”. There are the “ruled” and the “ruling”!  And, unless you live there, you will not know the kind of things that go on.  It is enough to say, “Let’s all just only service the luxury bride, and forget the rest!”

Social Networking Forum - Bride Type 1 – The Bully or Enforcer

So, what is that to you? Perhaps, you don’t even frequent or visit these bastions of the engaged women. But, dear wedding professional, the kind of brides found in a wedding forum are not necessarily a fringe element.This is a generation of wedding customer, who might be here to stay for awhile!  And, that is a problem for the whole industry! 

Let me introduce you to the first bride.  She was a sort of a “Greeter, Gangland Style!” Within, just a few moments of posting an informative article for discussion, her response:  “Get off of our site you ########! You are spamming, you ########.... We don’t want you here!” Now, do bear in mind, there is no sign on this forum which says, “Die Wedding Vendor Die!”  But, if she had fired a gun at me, I would be deceased! Seriously, what is wrong with this bride?  Apart from possessing only a "four letter word vocabulary"! What is this "false sense of territory"? Why is she so naturally "hostile"? What are her mental and emotional issues? This was a “Gun Moll” of the “Bride Variety”!  ... And, she had followers!

So, what was the nature of our unforgivable social act? What heinous crime did this wedding professional commit? Should I be executed for my crime? Now, don’t laugh but, I simply posted a link to an original article that was thoughtfully researched and compiled! Bringing to the light, a true concern for marrying couples. And, then asked if anyone would like to discuss it with me! Even inviting brides to help by adding to it also. This article's ideas were posited by me, a human behaviourist, caring person, and devout wedding professional. Couldn't another's experience and academic insight be helpful to a wedding planning bride-to-be? Now, because of this posting, I am amongst “America’s Most Wanted“! Shocked aren’t you? Well, you are not alone! Again, don't make the mistake of thinking that this Greeter Bully Bride was the only one like this on the wedding planning forum!

Should I Strike A Plea Bargain? 
Let Them Run Me Out Of Town On A Rail?

In this Wedding Professionals Series, I hope that we might collaborate on “What to do next?” What adjustments to make, or not make. - Because, ladies and gentlemen this “Bridal Mafia” is amassing its army.  There is a clear message, that they don’t need us.  They are shouting, “We can get what we need on the Internet”!  Crystal-clear were their messages of contempt for my 24 years of wedding experience and education. (A “Bully Bride” actually wrote, “I am an expert…. I have been planning my wedding for 9 months!”) These brides were tired of us vendors promoting our websites or Facebooks! And, especially those "pesky" informative articles, whereby they might learn something! These brides were a tribe, a clan, a family! Wedding professionals, in our collaboration, I hope that this continuing series will arm us for our wedding industry futures!  In the meantime, “I am going back in. Cover me!”

For Discussion By Brides or Wedding Professionals experiencing the "Bride Gang" mentality on Wedding Planning Forums. For the purposes of suggesting, "How to bring generous expert assistance (via Social Networking), to those brides wanting it, but being blocked by bride-peers with personal agendas.

TO BE CONTINUED – DR. LINDA (Words and Images - All Content - Copyright 2013 - Dr. Linda)

Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - The Clergy Network & LegallyMarried is a Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Writer, Blogger & Educator, and has written and presided marriages for 24 years.  With multiple academic degrees, she was also a professor and president of a university. Friends with many National & International Wedding Professionals, she enjoys writing "collaborative" articles with them. From The Food Network Star Chef’s Wedding to The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. Wedding to the bride on a budget, Dr. Linda is a “Wedding Values” writer. Dr. Linda encourages what is really important about “getting married”.   Starting with absolute values first, helps a bride make the best and most memorable wedding planning decisions.

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Thus far, great response from brides and wedding professionals. We have asked brides and wedding vendors to share their experiences with us. We are surprised as to how many are looking for a place to get real answers. The brides reaching our wedding professionals team personally, are saying that they can't find the help they need on social networking wedding planning sites. Especially because of the "cliques". As they are not so much planning sites, but "chat rooms". Not much real wedding planning knowledge is gained. Or, because brides are still learning about weddings, and don't have the answers. Most are saying that they want to hear from experts, along with other brides having sound advice. Wedding professionals, thus, far, not wanting to waste their valuable time on wedding planning social networking sites. Will keep you posted. on The Bride Shot At Me - Social Networking Bride Gangs May Be Here To Stay By Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda