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Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away – A Wedding Day Tribute To Lesli’s Grandmother Stella

United States - Oct 2013 -  Back in the day, the popular television show,
“MacGyver”, was a world-wide sensation. Children wanted to be a “MacGyver”.  The MacGyver character’s
main assets were his utilitarian application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of everyday items – along with his always near Swiss Army knife.
This American action-adventured television series encouraged my like inclinations too. In fact, I am a sort of “MacGyver” wedding officiator – researching the science of a matter and finding an inventive use for it within a marriage ceremony. Shouldn’t all wedding ceremony writers be a kind of “MacGyver”?   

I was reminded of the “MacGyver” character today, and how his skills could revolutionize the event industry. Whether planning a wedding reception or a marriage ceremony….. A “MacGyver” wedding coordinator or a “MacGyver” wedding officiator has its merits.  While sitting with a bride and groom, the “MacGyver” in me was again inspired.  There, this marrying couple and I began to build the sentimentally profound words of their marriage ceremony. And, then, the bride remembered her Grandmother Stella’s love for the hummingbird.  - A granddaughter’s love recollects the sweetest things, and this was one of them. 

So, like a “MacGyver” of the wedding officiator variety, I set myself to the task of inventively finding a way to honour Grandmother Stella.  And, along this creative road, I learned about the hummingbird.  This week, Lesli is married.  As Grandma Stella is verbally revered, my efforts are to be well rewarded by the tears of gratitude from so many. This is my wedding gift to the bride, and it would make Grandmother Stella smile. - She is not lost forever. Not out-of-mind. Certainly, not far from her granddaughter’s loving heart.

Because Those Gone Before Us & Their Story Should Often Be Fondly Recollected

When creating a "Wedding Ceremony Values" list, don't forget to remember someone you love and miss! 

Today, having just about finished the Hummingbird Tribute to Grandma Stella, I sat with a recently engaged couple.  As wedding musicians, they had seen many officiators, but, none like me. As we composed the words and developed the ideas of their marriage ceremony, they were stunned.  They had their “MacGyver” wedding officiator, and this was a good thing.  We have already begun working on some new ideas, which will be shared later.

In the meantime, well, it is about written, a “Welcome” to the wedding guests, which includes my original tribute to Grandma Stella. I thought that I would share a few words with you, We still have a few touches to add, and things to tweak ,but, almost there. 

Wedding Day – A Bride Remembers Grandma Stella & Hummingbirds

“Most sentimentally, this day would not be the same without a cheerful remembrance.
Sometimes the smallest things can change our lives, and bring the sweetest recollections.  It is that “small thing” which makes us smile or laugh or tear joyfully. On this wedding day, there is a “smallest thing” that inspires strong and happy sentiments for Lesli of her Grandma Stella – Thatsmallest thing”, the “hummingbird! Grandma Stella loved her hummingbird visitors. Each one, with its eighty times per second fluttering of wings and humming noises.  Their flying left, right, backwards, upside down or in a figure eight. With their minuscule hummingbird hearts, each one with its 1, 260 heart beats per minute.  These tiny creatures provided countless hours of pure delight to Grandma Stella. Their beautiful iridescent colours and visual displays brought Stella such pleasure.  So, on this joy ­­- filled occasion, how fitting to remember Grandma Stella and her hummingbirds………. ! All of what she loved, silently and sentimentally influences this minute. The shear memory of her brings a fuller inspiration to this marriage. At this threshold moment of marrying, Lesli wanted you to know about her heart of love for Grandma Stella, and, how she holds close her memory. These “snapshots in time” go happily into her future. And, today, smile along with her too -- for with any luck-- a hummingbird might pass this way. – A sort of “kiss from the heavens” and a gift from Grandma Stella, on the occasion of her granddaughter’s wedding day."   
(Copyright Dr. Linda – 2013)

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