Thursday, January 30, 2014 - First Ever Celebrity Wedding Officiator & Wedding Ceremony Writers On-line Free Art Gallery - Hire A Creative Wedding Officiator Today!

United States - Pin from the world's first ever Wedding Officiator & Wedding Ceremony Photoshop On-line Art Gallery. Celebrity Wedding Officiators and Writers try their hand at Photoshop, creating one-of-a-kind images to depict wedding customs and traditions, or ideas, sentiments and thoughts about getting married.  Its free! By Dr. Linda, a Celebrity Wedding Officiator and her team! Got ideas for a new image? Want a Celebrity Wedding Officiator to put together an original creation for our  Wedding Art Gallery? Its free! Submit your ideas here!

About The Clergy Network & Legally Married

Dr. Linda and her team are world-class Wedding Officiators and Ceremony Writers. They write wedding ceremonies for couples world-wide, and preside them too in California. Our Celebrity Wedding Officiators are available to preside wedding ceremonies in America or Canada too! Hire a wedding officiant from us. Or, a wedding ceremony writer for your marriage ceremony or wedding vows! or 

About Celebrity Wedding Officiator & Ceremony Writers

For 24 years, selected by Hollywood, NFL, AFL, NBA, United States Senate, etc. star marrying couples to write and preside their high profile wedding ceremonies.  Stars from "Law & Order", "Burn Notice", "White Collar", "St Elmo's Fire", "Reno 911" and many others, have asked us to help them with a marriage ceremony.  Most recently, "The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. Wedding" and "The Food Network Star Chefs Wedding".  Booking for 2014 weddings in California. -

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