Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Starbucks Wedding Ceremony - "In the Presence of These Baristas, I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife!" By Celebrity Wedding Officiator Dr. Linda

Grandma, Grandpa & Their Starbucks Wedding

A Story Only Hours Old

What Kind Of Celebrity Wedding Officiator Weds A Couple In A California Starbucks?

A wedding officiator can be interesting. Along with skill and experience, perhaps, a little “free spirited” tempered by dedication and discipline. After all “free spirit” makes him or her creative, and the discipline makes them reliable.  With a “flexible” soul, a good officiator would preside the most quirky to the most predictably practical ceremony themes. And, that is exactly the type that one looks for when you are a grandmother and grandfather eloping to Starbucks.

Today, the same Celebrity Wedding Officiator, whose co-officiator was once actor Rob Lowe, dashed off to the Orange County Clerk to pick up a marriage license.  And, from there, then off to a local Southern California Starbucks. Dr. Brian waited to meet a very much in a hurry grandmother bride and a grandfather groom. For this celebrity officiator, this was not his first Starbucks’ wedding.  This grandmother bride, taking a short absence from her pregnant daughter-in-law’s bedside, was not at Starbucks for a frappuccino! All she wanted to hear was “I Do” and “I now pronounce that you husband and wife….!” Perhaps, this couple would not have chosen a Starbucks in which to marry, but “Life Happened”!  With a daughter-in-law’s delicate pregnancy, simple but profound was the order. None-the-less, our celebrity officiator found himself marrying a very appreciative couple. They didn’t plan their wedding for a year. No, they didn’t spend thousands of dollars, but, their chosen priority to be married before the grand baby arrived, meant more.  So, in this crowded Starbucks, to grandma and grandpa, a moment so private, that they didn’t even kiss in the presence of coffee drinking strangers.  It was a sacred but brief ceremony at Starbucks for these two, and our officiator treated it with the love and respect it deserved.  Soon, this couple will be helping to change lots of diapers, but as a married grandmother and grandfather!

Let's Start A Fun Discussion With A Celebrity Wedding Officiators

If you were planning a Starbucks Wedding how would you decorate? What would you wear? Who would be your witnesses? What music would be played? Get Creative With Dr. Linda

Want a Starbucks wedding ceremony on a lunch break?  Going into the hospital for a serious surgery, but want to be wed first?  Or, like this couple, wanting to be married before the baby or grand baby is born? Call us at LegallyMarried & The Clergy Network.  Perhaps the same wedding officiator who presided The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. wedding or issued Lakers Cobi Bryant’s marriage license will be the one saying, “In the presence of these Baristas, I now pronounce you husband and wife!” info@theclergynetwork.com - www.facebook.com/legallymarried - www.pinterest.com/livingfestive - www.twitter.com/legallymarried 

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