Friday, February 14, 2014

Getting Married & Wedding Ceremony Facebook - LegallyMarried Begins Largest "Destination Lovely Motto" Wall at

It Begins on Valentines Day! Leave Your Getting Married 2014 ...

"Destination Lovely Motto"   LegallyMarried's Facebook

Join in building the world's largest "Destination Lovely Motto" Wall!

What Is a "Destination Lovely Motto" Internet Shout Out? 

Back in the Day, there was the "Chain Letter". This was a letter started by one person, given to another, who gave it to another friend that passed it on to someone else and so forth. A single letter could be read by conceivable thousands. Today's version of this old tradition is an Internet "Shout Out" through a "Retweet" or "Share". And, ours is the "Getting Married" version of the same. So, we selected a bride-to-be, who started our "Share" off.  - Her name is Lisa.  Today is your opportunity to send a "Shout Out" to the Internet world about your "Getting Married Motto". It's your turn to make an impression on other aspiring marrying couples! What is your "Marriage Philosophy?"

Destination Lovely Motto Wall Link

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