Monday, June 1, 2009

Malibu West Beach Club - Xfiles,Nickelodeon & Unity Candles- Southern California Wedding Officiators

Malibu West Beach Club - Los Angeles County - Southern California Wedding Officiators-

Movie Set Wedding - What happens when a TCN wedding officiator presides over a marriage ceremony for a groom that worked on XFILES and a bride who worked for NICKLEODEAN? .... Unity Wedding Candles that don't blow out, even in 20-30 mile an hour Malibu Beach winds! This is the benefit of having the XFILES crew wedding guests to fix Unity Candles so as to not blow out!

This is the recollection of A TCN wedding officiator, some years ago now. On Sunday, TCN presided at Malibu West Beach Club. The custom ceremony included a reading by the groom's brother, and other custom wording. There was also a reunion between The TCN wedding officiator and a previous client.

Wedding Ceremony Coordination At Malibu West Beach Club - Our TCN Wedding Officiator wrote and organized the wedding ceremony prior to the wedding day. On the day, the officiant did a sound check, worked with the keyboardist cousins of the groom to coordinate the Processional and Recessional, assisted the on-sight event coordinators, lined up the wedding party, executed the sending in of the bridal attendants, groom, groomsmen and bride.... plus so much more.

Happy Ending - The wedding ceremony was lovely, with many compliments from the wedding guests. The Bride's and Groom's wedding ceremony vows were specially written, and kept a surprise. (The bride did not know what the groom was to read, and the groom did not know what the bride was to read). Congratulations to our happy couple. Thank you, Malibu West Beach Club for your hospitality!
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