Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mother Of Bride & Deceased Father Of Bride Gives Daughter Away! Dana Point, California

Including Those No Longer With Us In A Wedding Ceremony- Orange County, California -The Clergy Network of Southern California Real Time Officiator Reporter

What Happened? "Who gives this woman to be married to this man". Mother of the Bride answers - I do and Her father !- (mother points to Dana Point harbour backdrop).

A True TCN Wedding Ceremony Story - Our TCN bride wanted a happy remembrance of her father, no longer living. So, she picked an amphitheatre in Dana Point - one that overlooked the ocean. You see, her father's ashes were scattered at the nearby ocean about nine years ago. When our TCN wedding officiator asked, "Who presents this woman in marriage", and her mother pointed out to the ocean at Dana Point, this was the reason. For there, at Dana Point, was the memory of a loving father. On this wedding day, there was a happy reunion of a daughter to a father, still very much alive in her heart and thoughts.

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