Saturday, June 6, 2009

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Wedding Ceremony Writing Network News & Tips - TCN has written thousands of marriage ceremonies. As such, it is not unusual for our ceremonies to be a reflection of both bride and groom. The histories, cultures, beliefs, personalities, etc, join through the two marrying persons. Currently, writing a Vietnamese and Western Ceremony, we are including a ceremony theme of Romantic & Contemporary with a few elements of the Vietnamese tradition. For example, the Procession of Gifts - To be readapted to please both the younger Vietnamese wedding guests (Westernized), and the older Vietnamese family members. Also, included will be a special "Welcome" by the TCN Wedding Officiator, to include her connection to the family by virtue of previously presiding the sister of this groom's wedding, some years ago. The TCN wedding officiator will express her delight at the honour of being such an important part of the family tradition. Also, a Westernized version of the "Tea Ceremony" will be conducted as a prelude to the reception.
TCN Wedding Ceremony Writing- Multicultural Marriages - Ask our wedding ceremony writers and a TCN marriage officiant about your Vietnamese marriage ceremony. How to modify Vietnamese marriage traditions? How to honour the various Vietnamese Generations? How to add Western marriage ceremony elements? How to secure a skilled Multi - Cultural Clergy Network wedding clergy, wedding officiator, or civil wedding officiant.

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