Saturday, June 6, 2009

Orange County California Wedding Day Marriage License Issuance - The Clergy Network - Southern California Wedding Officiants

Wedding Day Marriage License Issuance - Orange County California - The Clergy Network & LegallyMarried Marriage License Application at

Real - Time Wedding Officiator & Marriage License Update - June 6th 2009 - As I write, a marriage license is being issued hours before the wedding ceremony. A bride and groom needed their marriage license issued on the day of the wedding. Their busy schedule and that they were residents of Los Angeles county, but marrying in Orange County, made our TCN marriage license issuing service a must.

Contact TCN - Our on-line marriage license application is available 24/7 at http://www.theclergynetwork/. Or call us at 714 970 8839 for a faxed or PDF marriage license application.

TCN Offers The Following Marriage License Issuing Services - Under The Orange County Clerk Recorders Juristiction -

Wedding Day Marriage License Issuance
Rehearsal Marriage License Issuance
Evening Or Weekend Marriage License Issuance

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