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On-Lookers Thought Wedding Officiator Was Kidnapped! - A True Wedding Story by Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda

Look Out - This “Will Call” Is The “No Show” That Sparks Wedzilla Rage!

September 11, 2013 - United States – Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda 

It is the Los Angeles concert of the century, and, there at the “Will Call”, a front row ticket miraculously comes available! You jump for joy, because you want it.  And, you will pay anything for the seat!  A little like that time, when waiting “on stand-by”, a first class airplane seat was released to you! Remember the jubilation as you chuckled all the way to the best seat in the house! These examples are both chance and choice opportunities.  But, what about that “Wedding Will Call” that ends with a “No Show”?

For 24 years, these “No Show” calls have migrated towards us. With the unsavory economy, it seems worse.  In my experience is the panicked voice of a bride, saying, “My officiator is not returning my calls, and I get married tomorrow! Help!” Also, in my recollection is the hotel catering manager and her 5 couples, each one stood up on their respective wedding days!  And, here is a intriguing one….

Convincingly Nabbed by Wedding Guests - To On-lookers, It appeared Like He Was Being Kidnapped!

As the true story goes… A Clergy Network and LegallyMarried wedding officiator just officiated his wedding ceremony. This officiator was the “real deal”, with about 4 years of legitimate college study and practical training as a clergy.  Dr. Linda, (Celebrity Wedding Officiator), actually was his college “Public Speech” professor. In any event, this joyful ceremonial occasion was conducted on the lawn bowl, near the Heisler Park Gazebo in Laguna Beach, Ca. All went well, and as the marriage officiant walked to his car, he was frantically approached. Those descending on him were so frantic and persuasive, that the incidence might have been misconstrued as a “kidnapping!”  Almost like an in-unison chant, the forceful crowd screamed, “We just saw you marry those people….Come quickly our wedding guy didn’t show up!” Now, with the puzzle-pieces in place, our Clergy Network & LegallyMarried wedding officiator was seeing the picture. And, with his usual calming influence, agreed to step-in for the “missing officiator guy (As they put it)!”   In this “Happily –Ever-After”, it worked out best for the jilted marrying couple, as our wedding officiator didn’t charge them a thin dime! Best of all, according to the bride and groom, our ceremony wording was much nicer, and, they liked our wedding guy better!

Even With A “No Shows”, There Can Be The Start of “Happily –Ever-After”

Finally, this is one of many wedding rescue stories from Dr. Linda and The Clergy Network. For over 2 decades, we are honoured to be at the start of many a couple’s “Happily – Ever- After”.  When the engaged finds us, even after a horrible “jilting” ordeal, they think themselves lucky! - Lucky, because they were not stranded without someone to “Tie – The – Knot”. – The Clergy Network is set up with an “Emergency Backup presence on any given weekend. - Lucky, because, our officiants and ceremony words are far superior to the couple’s original choice.

Wedding Professionals Help With 
“Happily –Ever- After”

A Posh Orange County Hotel Keeps Our Telephone Number Programmed In Catering's Phone

Call a bride and groom marrying in Southern California, and suggest that they be “contracted” with The Clergy Network Wedding Officiator.  Most likely, the wedding couple will not have a “contract” with an experienced officiator.  In fact, they probably won’t have one at all!  And, if they do, there will be no written guarantee of “Emergency Backup” in the event of injury, illness or death of their promised officiator. With that said, ask them to call us anyway.  At least, if they continue with their original marriage officiator choice, they will be “asleep with their eyes open”!  And, most importantly, because, like the Laguna Beach bride and groom of our story, they too might need us in a pinch! …..Tell the marrying couple to programme our Emergency Wedding Officiator telephone number in their phones. For this, on the wedding day, they might thank you! (C2013Dr.L)

TO BE CONTINUED – DR. LINDA (Words and Images - All Content - Copyright 2013 - Dr. Linda)

Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - The Clergy Network & LegallyMarried is a Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Writer, Blogger & Educator, and has written and presided marriages for 24 years.  With multiple academic degrees, she was also a professor and president of a university. From The Food Network Star Chef’s Wedding to The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. Wedding to the bride on a budget, Dr. Linda is a “Wedding Values” writer. Dr. Linda encourages what is really important about “getting married”.  Starting with absolute values first, helps a bride make the best and most memorable wedding planning decisions.

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