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Wedding Manners Matter - By Celebrity Wedding Officiator - The Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding Tamra & Eddie - Dr. Linda

"Wedding Manners" - Whether a wedding professional, bride, groom or bridal party member.....No matter what beliefs, ethnic or religious background, certainly, good social manners matter at public celebrations. If they didn't, there wouldn't be such a thing as "Social Etiquette".  - Every generation has them. The rules themselves are standards motivated by respect for others. The demise of a societal group may be measured by the practice or omission of courteous attitudes and behaviours when publicly festive. Do you think that your dad or groom or wedding photographer, need a little help in that regard? The "Wedding Etiquette" shingle isn't held out much anymore.Yet, I could recount stories of others bad public behaviours before or during celebratory occasions. And, about how these selfish or inconsiderate acts ruin it for those the offender loves most. Not to mention the "forever" impression in the minds of those being impinged upon. So, we have invited Maria Erdman, an Elegant Life Style coach,  ( to gather up thoughts, facts, tips, stories and jokes (the one on our Facebook currently is from the 17th century), just for you to pass on or utilize in your wedding or celebratory occasion. Join in with your ideas and stories as well.  And, don't forget to encourage us with your on improvements.

Facebook Discussion on Maria Erdman's submitted joke from the 17th century! This discussion is about wedding couples and the importance of investigating the "Wedding Professional's Philosophy about "On-Time"  and  "Work Ethic"

Facebook Discussion of "Wedding Manners" When Dr. Linda Officiated Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding on June 15th 2013

Recently, after my Bravo T.V. wedding ceremony for The Reality Show - The Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra & Eddie, I received a number of compliments regarding the kindness and grace in my voice and in my deportment. Also, that these traits are not ones manufactured. Wedding or Celebrations Manners are more much more than "have to", they are public expressions of what a person values, and who they are or want to become. - - - 

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