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Wedding Bell Blues Isn’t Her Something Blue – By Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott – Celebrity Wedding Officiator

Between Adoring Love & Frustrated Lament 
This Singer Fluctuated

United States – September 26, 2013 - “Bill, I love you so, I always will…..through your compassion eyes of gray…” It was the 1960’s, and these words, strikingly belted out by songstress Marilyn McCoo, climbed to the top of the music charts.  “Am I ever going to see my wedding day…Oh, come on Bill!”   Back in that day, bopping along, either singing or humming during class changes throughout high school hallways every where, were young starry – eyed girls. From the Ed Sullivan show, and then into countless wedding chapels, this was to become every bride’s song -"Kisses and love won't carry me til you marry me Bill"…. The song title Wedding Bell Blues”.

“The 5th Dimension” (a musical group), recorded “Wedding Bell Blues” (1969) when band members Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. were engaged. So, the "Marry me Bill" theme was certainly true to life. But, Davis isn't the song’s real "Bill." This music was written by 18 year old Laura Nyro. So, who was “Bill”? It was "Bill Carter," an actor who was having an affair with the jazz singer Helen Merrill.  Laura Nyro was related to Ms. Merrill by marriage.

Note: The Younger reader might remember the Wedding Bell Blues version of Jayma Mays, and her character Emma Pillsbury on the FOX television show Glee in the song's featured episode “Yes/No”.

But, Long Before 1969, Women Talked About “Blue” Too

Hundreds of years separate the 1969’s “Wedding Bell Blues” bitter- sweet saga from the tender symbolism of an English woman’s “Wedding Bell Blue”.  Not related at all, is one “blue” to another “blue”.  With the English custom of “Something Blue” are its companions “Old, New, Borrowed, and A Sixpence in the Bride’s Shoe.”(“Sixpence” is an old form of British coinage). - Each selected item has its succinctly punctuated wedding symbolisms.

This bridal tradition of “Something Blue” comes from an Old English rhyme ("Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe").  Each “Something” is an object added to the wedding outfit or, to be carried with the bride as wedding day good luck charms.  Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed emblems borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.

Do You Want To Bring This British “Blue” Custom 
Louis Vittan "Blue" Wedding Shoes

Into Your Wedding?

For some brides, a bit of history rings genuine. - Whether, due to ethnic identification or fascination, or resultant of family tradition. Showing off your sentimental choices is something that brides or their mothers do not often think about. As a bride what is significant to you, and why, is not always noted by wedding day others. But, do announce the traditions, as guest may find added enjoyment in your selection of meaningful things, such as “Something Blue”.  It will educate, make it interesting, give them something to discuss with others, and by “passing it on” bring added value to another’s future wedding planning.

Award Winning Photographer, Leslie adds her idea, "While 'something blue' is typically interpreted as a lace hankie, piece of jewelry, or a family heirloom, this stunning bride, Kelly, made 'something blue' her gown. Not for everyone to be sure, but it matched her sapphire wedding ring and beautiful blue eyes. "

Some Ways A Bride Brings in “Blue”...

1.  Blue Shoes – FeaturedLouis Vittan

2. Blue Hair or Jewelry Accessories – Rachael at Heirlooms Ever After - suggested 

“Why not incorporate some Aqua Marine, Blue Topaz or blue hues of Swarovskis into your accessories!” Rachael

3. Trendy Blue Stockings or Blue Undergarments

4.  Floral Bouquet & Its Adornments – Blue pearls or rhinestones or ribbons, etc.

5.  Blue Bubbles Blown Down Wedding Aisle Preceding Bride’s Entrance

6. Blue Sign Announcing Brides Entrance or Signage With Words Written In Blue ChalkCarried by younger children, e.g.  “Uncle Brian, Here Comes Your Bride!”

7. Blue Nail or Toe Polish

8. Body Art - Permanent or Temporary - Small Blue Tattooed Wedding Day Image

9. A "Bluish" Coloured Custom Blended Perfume 

10. Blue Pedestals for Ceremony Altar Flowers

11. Blue Bow Ties on Groom & Groomsman

12. Blue Candles

13. Blue Wedding Get-Away Pick Up Truck

14. Blue Wedding Bells Rung Down Wedding Aisle - Announcing The Bride

16.  As our list is growing, please contribute your suggestions at or on this blog’s article’s comments.

Facebook Discussion of "Something Blue" Dr. Linda Officiated Real Housewives of Orange County Wedding of Tamra and Eddie Bravo T.V. on June 15th 2013

Recently, after my Bravo T.V. wedding ceremony for The Reality Show - The Real Housewives of Orange County Tamra & EddieI received a number of compliments regarding the kindness and grace in my voice and in my deportment. Also, that these traits are not ones manufactured. The command of th wedding ceremony showed knowledge and experience. Wedding or Celebrations Manners, along with acquired knowledge and experience are more much more than "have to", they are public expressions of what a person values, and who they are or want to become. - - - 

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