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Wedding Day - His Phone Rang. He Answered, And Then His Bride…….? A True Wedding Story By Celebrity Wedding Officiator & Writer Dr. Linda

Laughing, Chirping, Singing, Celebrating – So Far, So Good!
It was a lovely day at this Los Angeles Country Club. The wedding musicians confidently serenaded the arriving guests. The birds were singing, and the blooming sweetly scented flowers were importing fragrance throughout the ceremony garden. Unbeknownst to those present, was the sentimental and meaningful ceremony words diligently written by myself and the bride. They were in for a treat! Soon, there would be the big reveal!  Abuzz with excitement and anticipation attendees were properly in their finest “going to a wedding” attire.  And, then it was time. With the marrying couples’ parents and the guests snugly seated, the wedding party was poised to grandly enter.  With the cue, I, the groom and the groomsmen took our ceremony places.  After the bride and her father entered, the wedding officially began.  Thereafter, for a number of minutes, vibrant feelings and profound thoughts were spoken.  – The on-lookers’ faces were evident with enjoyment. The crowds’ body-language was amenable to the moment.  Simply put, we were all having a nice ceremony celebration!  

The Solemn Air Thickens With Disapproval  - The Bad Timing of The Wrong Sound!

So far, so good! – A wedding ceremony to remember, and for all the most beautiful reasons.  Now, about 10 minutes from its start, we transition into the sentimentally significant moment. This poignant act of marriage vows exchange is that to which many look forward. – Especially, the bride and groomright?  In keeping with tradition, the groom began his vows. – Choosing, also the customary “repeat after the officiator” method. All is still well…. Then, the sweet ambiance was shattered! And, it was not funny! Yet, strangely tolerant was the bride. Yet, oddly compliant was the groom. What happened?

Right about the 2nd or 3rd “repeat after me” stanza of his marriage promises, the groom’s cell phone rang! From there, oblivious to the interested on-lookers scowling faces, he, the groom, answers the phone!  What does he say to the caller, “I am in the middle of my marriage vows…”   What does he say to me? ... “Could you stop for a minute, I need to take this!”  Seconds, after shock turned to disgust, it was “crystal” that the groom was engaged in a “business deal”!  What was the bride doing? Just waiting, that’s all!  And, as you already suspect, we all waited along with her! When the “business deal” was completed, I was cleared to proceed. 
In conclusion, I am sure that others, beside my self were asking… “What in the world was that all about?”  … “After that brazen shenanigan, why didn’t the bride just tell him to get lost?”  Or, any number of colourful suggestions! Certainly, I pondered throughout my long ride home. Even to this day, I wonder.  Conjecturing, if he wasn’t there as a “groom”, then what about as a “husband”?  What about when her father passes away? Who holds her hand then?  Or, when she is in child-birth?  Will he be asking her to “hold on a minute, I have to take this call!”?  What about being there for any of life’s fast and weighty curve balls? But, again, the writing was on the wall.  Because, when a “groom”, he was vacant at best.  As a “groom”, he was simply unavailable to throw himself into the wedding planning with his beloved future wife.  From start to finish, and then, at strategic importance, during the pledging of his fidelity, he declared his heart elsewhere. This kind-of makes one think doesn’t it?  A Penny for Your Thoughts?

TO BE CONTINUED – DR. LINDA (Words and Images - All Content - Copyright 2013 - Dr. Linda)

Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott - The Clergy Network & LegallyMarried is a Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Writer, Blogger & Educator, and has written and presided marriages for 24 years.  With multiple academic degrees, she was also a professor and president of a university. From The Food Network Star Chef’s Wedding to The Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo T.V. Wedding to the bride on a budget, Dr. Linda is a “Wedding Values” writer. Dr. Linda encourages what is really important about “getting married”.  Starting with absolute values first, helps a bride make the best and most memorable wedding planning decisions.

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