Friday, May 29, 2009

Adding A Wedding Custom To Your Wedding Ceremony - Wedding Officiators In Southern California

The Clergy Network Wedding Officiators Network - Adding a "custom" to the wedding ceremony - a more physical symbolism - should be done with a calculated purpose. To add a symbolic gesture, such as "Unity Candle" or "Wine Ceremony" or " Sand Ceremony" , "Jumping The Broom" or other, "just because", usually looks "thrown in" or like an "after thought". In short, don't include words or symbolic gestures, for the sake of it. Even if family tradition requires certain things, there are ways to adapt a traditional wedding ceremony custom for a about-to-be- married couples idea of marriage.
Wedding Customs - How About Adapting A Time Tested Traditional Symbolic Wedding Custom - At The Clergy Network, we customize, in fact, write, each wedding ceremony with each of our marrying couples. In short, be creative or get creative help. If currently a bride and groom, the concocting, revising and importing of a symbolic custom into your wedding ceremony text should be fun and meaningful to you personally. If not wanting to "reinvent the wheel", then adapt a familiar custom, so, a slight twist on the "Unity Candle", "Wine" or "Sand Ceremony", or "Jumping The Broom". For example, One of my marrying couple's took a TCN suggestion to adapt the "Jumping The Broom" ceremony by replacing the broom with a hockey stick - the bride and groom were both semi-professional ice hockey players. If the "jumping the broom" is something you want, but you don't play hockey, perhaps golf... What about "jumping a golf club"? Conclusion - So, if not wanting to invent a symbolic ceremony custom of your own, adapting a time tested one toward a mutual hobby might do just fine.
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