Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hearing Impaired Bride-To-Be - The Clergy Network Wedding Officiators of Southern California

Hearing Impaired Bride - Southern California - It's Your Wedding Day - But, You Will Not Be Able To Hear The Music Or The Words To Your Wedding Ceremony - How Can The Ceremony Moment Be Made Meaningful For You?

Silence & Meaning......

Interpreter Secured For Hearing Impaired Bride-To-Be. The Clergy Network wedding officiator at La Habra, California wedding writes wedding ceremony for hearing impaired bride. The wedding ceremony wording was specially scripted to include an Interpreter for the deaf.

What's So Unique About This - Many wedding clergy or wedding officiators, do not possess the training or inclination to co-officiate, then alone work with an Interpreter for the hearing impaired. The good news, TCN specializes in such a team effort.

Before The Wedding Day - TCN writers and the wedding officiant communicated with the bride via a telephone service (California Relay) which accomodated her special needs - This kind of communication took time, patience, organization, effort, and was truly a tedious process for all concerned. However, the rewards of this mutual effort, brought about a beautiful wedding day.

On The Wedding Day - The Bride, The Groom, Wedding Guests and the Interpeter benefited by the many hours of ceremony organization TCN and The Marriage Officiator put into its planning. How rewarding to know that our TCN bride, and her many hearing impaired friends enjoyed the meaningful words crafted by the TCN wedding ceremony writing staff - The smile on the bride's face during the wedding ceremony is not forgotten to this day.

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