Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wedding Tip - Hot Weather Wedding Guests - Southern California Wedding Officiators

The Clergy Network of Southern California- Wedding Officiators- AltaDena Country Club- Faulker Winery Temecula- Wedding Ceremony Tip- A summer time wedding is lovely, but what about the outdoor's wedding ceremony? At TCN, we suggest that wedding guests are not to be seated in outdoors ceremony area until immediately before the actual starting of the ceremony celebration - even with large crowds, it doesn't take long to get the guests in their seats.

As Southern California wedding ceremony officiators, we can speak to this issue. There should be no compulsion, at a warm weather wedding ceremony, for arriving wedding guests to be seated for the invitation start time. Weddings in Southern California can run 15 minutes to 1/2 hour past invitiation ceremony start time. Sitting in the hot sun, for up to 45 minutes before actual starting time, is dangerous to the health of the wedding guests.

As a bride and groom, don't feel compelled by wedding ceremony ettiquette to seat guests according to the invitation start time. Provide a shaded area for ceremony guests, prior to their seating, or at least umbrellas (hand held or other) and cold water for their health and comfort.

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