Monday, May 25, 2009

Bride, Groom & Wedding Officiator Circled By Bumble Bee During Wedding Vows - The Clergy Network -Wedding Officiators Southern California

Wedding Officiators from The Clergy Network in Southern California are no stangers to interesting wedding ceremony moments. This month alone, a determined bride, groom and TCN wedding officiant played "chicken" with a bumble bee during the wedding vows. If the marriage officiator was bitten, it could have been personally determential to them! Our TCN officiator did their job with honour!

Why Is This Important? A professional wedding officiator knows how to handle adverse happenings during a wedding ceremony. It is important to the bride and groom that the one presiding knows how too "handle" the unexpected! If the wedding clergy or judge or justice-of-the-peace can't cope or is indecisive, what is the very emotional bride and groom to do? What if the wedding minister just looks out for himself or herself.

How Did The The Clergy Network handle the situation? Very simply, continued on with the vows, not showing fear or making a scene - in this one particular case the bee seemed to be a curious sort, not so much looking for a fight. During these tense minutes, the bride and groom took the lead, with a few giggles between the three recipients of this curious visit, the bee finally went on and the wedding vows were seemlessly completed. Fighting off the bee was not a good idea, so remaining calm, as if the event wasn't taking place, proceeding with the wedding vows was the best thing to do. After the ceremony, wedding guests close to the front commented to The Clergy Network wedding officiator as to their admirable control of the situation.
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Tip From A Wedding Officiant- Bridesmaids, the Bride, etc, should really consider not wearing perfume or other scented products at an outdoor wedding ceremony - the sweet smell attracts bees! The wedding flowers and bouquets alone invite curious critters.

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