Friday, January 7, 2011

The Clergy Network- A Southern California Wedding Officiator Saves Bride From Fire !

January 8th 2011 - Being A Wedding Officiator is Dangerous - A Clergy Network wedding officiator and clergy, must be very aware of his/her surroundings during the presiding of the marriage ceremony. As officiators, we have provided many "saves". Real wedding officiators, not "fake" Internet clergy, are trained to be the "master of many things" to a marriage ceremony.

Recently, our Clergy Network marriage minister noted a Unity Candle about to catch the brides veil on fire! Along with all the things he was doing at that moment (to preside the custom written marriage ceremony), he averted a potential tragedy! Moving the bride from harms way, when no one else noticed the danger, makes him a sort of wedding officiator hero! Congratulations to our observant Clergy Network wedding officiator for saving the bride from igniting!

The Clergy Network of Southern California provides each of their couples with The Name Change kit For Brides software.

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