Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chinese Wedding Customs - Los Angeles & Orange County Wedding Officiants

January 30 2011 -Orange County Wedding - Los Angeles County & Orange County Wedding Officiants -  "Have you presided a modern western ceremony with Chinese or other Asian customs added"?

Yes, many over the last 21 years! In fact, we will be happy to write about the few Chinese customs added to a custom wedding ceremony by our TCN wedding officiants. Here is the first important fact.
  1. The date of a Chinese wedding is chosen carefully, usually consulting an almanac or Chinese symbols or a parent or grandparent. Also, Chinese couples are typically married on the half-hour, as the hand of the clock is moving upward (signifying that they are on the up-ward move).
So, the date and time have a purpose, as does the year. Our Chinese brides and grooms combine this custom and others with a more western theme. However, we have presided more traditional Chinese marriage ceremonies, including the use of Mandarin or Cantonese throughout the ceremony.

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