Monday, January 24, 2011

Southern California Wedding Officiants - World Wide Wedding Customs In Your Wedding Ceremony?

January 22, 2011 - Too Many Wedding Customs Or Just The Right Amount? Wedding Customs incorporated in your marriage ceremony may or may not strike you as meaningful. But, for these Clergy Network clients, it was everything. It was a way to include important family members in the ceremony experience, with each and every custom holding meaning to our bride and groom.

What Did This Orange County California Bride and Groom Put In There Wedding Ceremony?

After researching World-Wide wedding customs, our wedding officiator and custom wedding ceremony writer, along with the bride and groom, selected 14 customs. Not-to-worry, the ceremony was not long, in fact, from Processional to Recessional,  under 1/2 hour! Those who would participate, were carefully selected. From an Indian Corn Ceremony to a Wine Ceremony, to the Giving of Coins, many cultures were represented. Each Clergy Network ceremony is custom written, no other Los Angeles Wedding Officiants or Orange County Wedding Officiants have the education and experience or interest to tackle such a tall writing and coordinating effort than

Making An Informed Los Angeles Wedding Officiant Selection

Because we have earned our titles, with dozens of real clergy and officiator related degrees between us, our TCN membership is the ONLY professional and background checked Los Angeles Wedding Officiants in Southern California. And because we are a "membership", we are personally friends and associates for over 20 years - We don't pick people off the streets, ordain them as Wedding Officiants like the other "fake" Wedding Officiator groups. Follow us at  or  or

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