Friday, January 21, 2011

Los Angeles Wedding Officiants - The 2011 Wedding Ceremony - Fake Wedding Officiator Watch

How Not To Pick A Fake
Wedding Officiator In Los Angeles
January 21, 2011 - The "Dark Side" of The Wedding Internet - Since the advent of the Internet, wedding professionals, as well as brides and grooms have benefited from the easy and quick access to important wedding planning information...... Yet, there is a "Dark Side" - if its phony or illegitimate, its represented in Los Angeles cyberspace!

Avoiding the "Dark Side" of Wedding Officiator Internet Selection - How Do I Find A Legitimate Los Angeles Wedding Officiator ? - The Challenges of Picking A Competent Wedding Officiator In Los Angeles, California

         Some Tell Tale Signs of "fake" Wedding Officiators

Due to economy and other reasons, anyone, and I mean "anyone" can become a Wedding Officiator via the Internet. In our " How To Pick A Wedding Officiant" series we will continue to explore the solution around the pitfalls. To keep this short, the titles, "Doctor or Reverend or Pastor or Wedding Officiant" are being purchased. From their cheesy web sites, to À la carte Officiation Menus, to "Lets Make A Deal" pricing, even to their bizarre clergy names and titles, "fake" Wedding Officiators are a dangerous phenomena. In short, there are Wedding Officiator referral groups  in Los Angeles almost literally picking people off the streets and making them instant Wedding Clergy or Wedding Officiants.

 What Do Wedding Professionals Say About "Fake" Wedding Officiators in Los Angeles? 

On the inside of the Wedding Industry, from D.J.s to Event Planners, these "fakes"  are given new classifications, after all the credible vendors can't believe what is showing up to preside their clients' ceremonies - From the "Brief Case Wedding Minister" to the "Marrying Fellows or Guys", to the "Disgusting Comic Wedding Guys", to the "From Another Planet Wedding Lady", and so forth. But, the bride and groom don't know what those in the Wedding Industry experience weekly. Brides and Grooms trustingly walk into the "fake" Wedding Officiant arena thinking "all Wedding Officiators are the same!". This false understanding can only lead to "consumer regret" and a lifetime of bad wedding ceremony recollections. More to come on this subject.
              Making An Informed Los Angeles Wedding Officiant Selecton

Because we have earned our titles, with dozens of real clergy and officiator related degrees between us, our TCN membership is the ONLY professional and background checked Los Angeles Wedding Officiants in Southern California. And because we are a "membership", we are personally friends and associates for over 20 years - We don't pick people off the streets, ordain them as Wedding Officiants like the other "fake" Wedding Officiator groups. Follow us at or  or   

The Clergy Network Wedding Officiant group for Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County......

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