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Not That Corny Wedding Ceremony Please! - By TCN Los Angeles County & Orange County Wedding Officiants

February 1, 2011Send in the Wedding Clowns?  At a recent wedding officiant in-person interview, a couple said, "Help I Have Interviewed FOUR Officiants, & They Give Me the Same Corny Ceremony Choices... Why?"

What is Going On With So Many Southern California Wedding Officiants?

Why Is The Wording All The Same Or So Corny?

It is because there are very few REAL wedding officiants in Southern California. Those without legitimate academic degrees in this field, cheat, by paying for the authority to marry. They buy the title - Doctor, Reverend, Pastor, Priest, Wedding Officiator, etc. We have discussed this in other blog articles as to why.

Because they do not have the years of formal study and practice, years of course work in the areas of- Public Speech, Ceremony Writing, Psychology of Life Celebrations, and so many more, they are seriously unfit for what they do.

Literally, these untrained wedding officiants cut and paste words from the same Internet sites or Wedding Vows' books, or, just as bad try to "wax poetic"! This is what our recent bride and groom was encountering. On one ceremony day, an officiant's own improvised additions to the ceremony left one bride's friend, scolding him out loud during the ceremony! Our bride, then writing the ceremony with a TCN writer,  was horrified to see what her friend had settled for in a wedding ceremony officiant!

Did The Couple Having So Much Trouble Finding An Original Ceremony Go With Your Services?

Yes, in fact, our top Ceremony Writer - She has several Doctorates and Masters' Degrees, (also a College & Graduate School Professor training Wedding Officiants), wrote over 2 hours, on a special ceremony introduction just for them - This was before the couple even booked with her!

Wedding Ceremony Writers
Write World Wide!
What Did The Couple Say About Dr. Linda's Original Ceremony Writing?

Within one half hour of sending the potential ceremony wording, the couple e-mailed, "YOU ARE HIRED!".

What is A Wedding Ceremony Writer?

As a Wedding Ceremony Writer is degreed, not only as a Clergy/Officiant, but in literary writing, with specific study and practice in Life Celebration ceremonies - Weddings, Anniversary, Memorial, Quinceanera Blessing, Baby Dedication, etc. They would also be educated in Speech Writing! In fact, they are highly degreed, usually having a background as a Professor, and have also presided hundreds or thousands of ceremonies themselves.

The Clergy Network has the ONLY Professional Wedding Ceremony Speech Writers in California, perhaps even nationally. We started "Wedding Ceremony Speech Writing" !

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              Making An Informed Los Angeles or Orange County Wedding Officiant Selection

Because we have earned our titles, with dozens of real clergy and officiator related degrees between us, our TCN membership is the ONLY professional and background checked Los Angeles Wedding Officiants & Orange County Wedding Officiants in Southern California. And because we are a "membership", we are personally friends and associates for over 20 years - We don't pick people off the streets, ordain them as Wedding Officiants like the other "fake" Wedding Officiator groups.

See our exclusive link with - Orange County Wedding Professionals at http://www.orangecountyweddingcenter.com/wedding_vendors.html#officiant  

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