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Chinese Wedding Ceremony Customs - East Meets West Wedding Officiants - Los Angeles & Orange County - California

February 5th 2011 -  - "What customs might be in a Chinese marriage ceremony, but not in a modern Western marriage ceremony"?  Original Ideas By

Answer - East Meets West

With this year's Chinese Theme of Peace,  writing a wedding ceremony on theme will include some Chinese custom, adaptation with western ideas, and inclusions personal to each bride and groom. A well written marriage ceremony should be a microcosm of the couple's lives - history, personality, hobbies, occupation are some of the considerations which assist in the shaping of a personalized wedding ceremony wording. 

Chinese Custom Adapted- In Chinese wedding traditions, a groom is often symbolically “dressed” by his parents. In a modern western adaptation of the same, the parents may assist in the selection of the wedding attire, along with the bride and groom. The Groom's parents may purchase a piece of jewelry or coin, whether carried in the pocket or pinned on prior to the wedding ceremony. The jewelry piece will symbolize the Chinese wedding year theme of peace. This suggestion is an original from The Clergy Network  - Los Angeles & Orange County Wedding Officiants, and provided by their professional wedding ceremony writers. 
 How Do I Find A Marriage Ceremony Writer & Wedding Officiant That Understands The Blending of Two Cultures? 

 At  – The Clergy Network of Southern California has a membership of civil or religious marriage ceremony Wedding Ministers and Wedding Officiants which travel to south land locations for the purpose of presiding marriage ceremonies. A Mandarin or Cantonese represented marriage ceremony wording can be accomplished. To learn more about having a custom written Chinese - Western marriage ceremony and a presiding Los Angeles Wedding Minister or Officiant,  or Orange County Wedding Minister or Officiant  

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