Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Orange County Marriage License - How To Obtain A California Marriage License & Wedding Officiant - Bride Name Change Forms

February 8th, 2011 - How Do I Get A Marriage License For My 2011 Wedding In Orange County, California? I also might need a Wedding Officiant? What about my maiden name change?

Answer - Introductory Facts

This quick video presentation, with narration, is an overview to (California) Orange County Marriage License Issuance. The Clergy Network of Southern California can issue the California Confidential Marriage License, as our issuing agent is one of the very few to operated under the "Colour of the Authority" of The County Clerk. Marriage License may be issued day or evening, and weekend or weekdays. An Orange County Wedding Officiant may also be included to preside the marriage ceremony. The ceremony may be Civil, Religious, Interfaith, Non-denominational, or Denominational - info@theclergynetwork.com


About The Clergy Network - Wedding Officiator Services

At http://www.theclergynetwork.com/  – The Clergy Network of Southern California has a membership of civil or religious marriage ceremony Wedding Ministers and Wedding Officiants which travel to south land locations for the purpose of presiding marriage ceremonies. To learn more about having a custom written marriage ceremony and a presiding Los Angeles Wedding Minister or Officiant, or Orange County Wedding Minister or Officiant info@theclergynetwork.com

How Do I Know That Your Marriage License Issuance & Wedding Officiants Are Legitimate?

To verify our Wedding Officiants' quality services- Orange County Wedding Planning Center - Wedding Professional Recommended

To verify Dr. Brian Trott's authority to issue California Confidential Marriage License via evening, weekend or weekday,  contact The Orange County Clerk- http://www.ocgov.com/ocgov/Clerk-Recorder%20-%20Tom%20Daly/Contact%20Us  or 714 970 8839.

Bride Name Change - http://www.namechangenews.com/ / / - Follow on www.twitter.com/namechangehelp  - Bride Name Change Software for Los Angeles Bride Maiden Name Change - http://www.thenamechangekit.com/  


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Thanks a lot for sharing this article about how to get the marriage license in California. As a citizen in the California I was really looking for the requirement they need to get the marriage licenses and now I can see the whole steps are saying in this article.