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Outdoor Roman Catholic Style Wedding Ceremony - Is There Such An Option ? - Roman Catholic Marriage Ceremony - Los Angeles & Orange County

February 18th, 2011 (Revision July 15, 2013) -  Southern California bride asks, "I am a Roman Catholic, but have dreamed of an outdoor marriage ceremony. Will a Roman Catholic Priest preside my marriage ceremony? I heard no... so, what do I do? What are my options? Can you help me?"

The following video, provide by , and Celebrity Wedding Officiator, Dr. Linda Wainwright Trott explores one of several options for the bride and groom wanting a Roman Catholic Ceremony and Church Blessing, when marrying in an outdoor wedding venue or non-Church wedding location:

A TCN bride said, "As a Roman Catholic, my outdoor Clergy Network and Legally Married personalized Roman Catholic wedding ceremony gave me the opportunity to seek the Blessing of the Church, afterwards. My wedding officiant was very knowledgeable of the Roman Catholic faith, and did an excellent job of conveying our wishes. His attire, selected by myself and my husband, was as we requested. The idea of the attaining of a Roman Catholic stole, now a keepsake in our family, was a terrific one. Thank you, Clergy Network for giving us a lovely outdoor Catholic wedding ceremony, with an approved wedding officiant. We are also proceeding with requesting the Blessing of our Church!"

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What is In A Roman Catholic Style Ceremony?

When a Roman Catholic style ceremony is custom written, as we do at The Clergy Network of Southern California , it can include as many Roman Catholic wedding ceremony elements as selected by the bride and groom. Also added, may be customs specific to ethnicity. For example, in the Roman Catholic Mexican - American or Filipino wedding traditions, "The Cord and Veil", and "The Coins". In our next video, soon to be uploaded, will be a quick overview of the "Contents of A Custom Written Roman Catholic Style Marriage Ceremony". to set up a complimentary consultation with a Roman Catholic marriage ceremony expert Wedding Officiant and writer to discuss your outdoor or non-Church wedding ceremony. - For Bride Maiden Last Name Change in California -  and to order the name change software -

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