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How To Include A Friend In Your Southern California Marriage Ceremony -

A Friend Is A Friend Is A Friend – Including A Friend In Your Marriage Ceremony!

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Someone once said that “Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.” Including a friend or friends in a marriage ceremony is a pleasant trend. In writing a marriage ceremony, which includes the interaction of others, a few thoughts start the planning. Questions, such as, Whom? Where? When? How? Each question needs some thought.

Custom Written Wedding Ceremony Which Includes Friends Participation

The “Who” answer, can be simple or complicated. Simple, if one finds no reason to choose between so many friends, that others will be hurt when not included. - The decision is clear cut as to whom. Complicated, if the close friendships are many, too numerous to not breed confusion and exclusion. In any event, if one or many, a friend or friends, may participate well before the ceremony day. In advance, by submitting their personally written well wishes or poems or selected reading of marriage quotes or collected advice from family and friends. Or, by researching and adapting a wedding custom to fit the bride's and groom's lifestyle.

In short, friends may participate by providing original materials prior to the ceremony day, or bringing surprise words of love and encouragement during the ceremony itself. Friends participation can be segregated on the basis of interest or talent or closeness of relationship. There are those who provide the word and idea resources for others to implement, and those who will actually do the presenting during the ceremony. Whether signing as a witness on a decorative marriage certificate during the ceremony or reading quotes about love and marriage or giving a gift, on behalf of the bride and groom, to their parents, a friend  can participate in the marriage ceremony, far beyond that of standing wedding party. We have many ideas and will write more on the subject at another time.

In the meantime, if you are having a 2011 Southern California wedding ceremony … The Clergy Network of Southern California, writes and presides custom interactive wedding ceremonies. Not cut and paste excerpts from trite and overused materials found on the Internet, but custom written! We know how to include a friend or friends a marriage ceremony, before the day, or on the day.

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