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Like A Fingerprint or DNA ...Wedding Ceremony Temperament - By - Los Angeles County & Orange County Wedding Officiants

February 2, 2011- Bride-to-be "I am not certain what I want in my wedding ceremony, but I know what I don't want!"

To the trained wedding ceremony writer and practitioner, the statement above speaks volumes! On its face, the comment seems to be without helpful specificity. Much like the clothes shopping woman, who says to the sales clerk, "I'll know what I want when I see it! So, what does the comment shout out? What does the experienced and academically prepared wedding ceremony writer surmise..... ?

Defining A Wedding Ceremony Temperament!  Like A Fingerprint or DNA....

In psychology, temperament refers to those aspects of an individual's personality. For example, are they introverted or extroverted? Temperament is innate rather than learned - A personal stamp of God or nature... The fingerprint or DNA of the human soul!    Although, beyond the scope of this wedding blog article and a closer look at the subject, here is a brief summation....

Wedding Ceremony Temperament is innate to each bride and groom - It is each's view of the world, and life through preferences. It is preferences that help the wedding ceremony writer determine the wording and other ceremony inclusions for each couple.

The Wedding Ceremony Writer - A Detective Of Preferences

He are a few examples of  deducing  a couple's wedding ceremony temperament:
  •  The words that make one comfortable or not, define preference.  Do you like the word "Bond" or "Unity"? The word, "Commitment" or "Friendship". The word picked helps to clarify the wedding ceremony temperament.
  • Is the bride or groom more verbal or visual or tactile? Yes, finding a preference here, helps the ceremony writer access the "main header" content suggestions for consideration.
  • Is the bride or groom more "Historical" or "Forward Thinking" or "A Popular Culturalist"? Preference here, further helps to gather material wording for the ceremony.
  • Is the bride or groom  "inclusive" or "exclusive" in relationships?

There is much more to Wedding Ceremony Temperament, and the trained wedding ceremony writer, like a Doctor or Lawyer, is a student and teacher of  "persons". As a word craftsmen, it takes years of education in human behaviour, public speech presentation, language building, and so much more.

Dr. Linda, is multi-degreed Life Celebrations' ceremony writer - From Educational Psychology expert to Seminary Professor to Public Speaker & Ceremony Presider, Dr. Linda has years of study and experiential preparation. All together, a great qualifier for her wedding ceremony writer services!  Shall we write your wedding, quinceanera, baby dedication, anniversary ceremony or honour your loved one with a customized tribute to their lives through memorial?

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