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Scoping Out The Area? Southern California Destination Weddings - 2011

Southern California Destination Weddings
How To Start Planning The Official Things?

February 2, 2011 – The best place to start is by contacting a local Wedding Officiant or Wedding Clergy or Wedding Minister. This may seem like the last place to look, but in thinking about it, the travelling officiators know a lot about the area, more so than other types of Wedding Professionals. - This is especially true when it comes to the ceremony and reception locations. So, if they are helpful, credible and competent, they will be able to suggest wedding ceremony locations which will work best for your preference. As Wedding Officiants travel to preside marriage ceremonies, they can know the best places to recommend. For example, an Orange County or Los Angeles County California Wedding Officiant will know the beaches, parks, hotels, estate homes, and other types of wedding venues. They will be familiar with what might work best  for you  - whether there are minimums, permit requirements, dangers, perks, etc., thus, narrowing down the search for a Southern California wedding or reception location.

What Other Big Things Can A Destination Wedding Officiant Do To Help Us Begin Our Wedding Planning"

A California Destination Wedding Officiator may also be able to save the bride and groom a trip to the County Clerk’s office for the application and pick up of the marriage license. If coming from out- of- town, this will be a very handy service for consideration. Or, the local Wedding Officiator can also suggest reputable Wedding Professionals experienced in facilitating the Southern California Destination Wedding couple. Some fine professionals, such as photographers, florists and others may have a special emphasis on the “Intimate Wedding” and the out- of town bride and groom – making it so much simpler for the couple traveling to be married in Southern California.

Where Are The Best Southern California Destination Wedding Officiants & Wedding Locations?

Many of the best Wedding Venues are in Orange County or Los Angeles County, California. For example there are vista locations which require a small permit fee, and some without any permit fee. There are courtyards and patios that skirt the beach, parks with rustic mountain views, private estate homes - All of this is in Orange County, California alone!

As to the most helpful, competent and reliable Wedding Officiants, serving all of Southern California, is the one! - 21 years of presiding Destination Wedding ceremonies in the area  makes them very knowledgeable! See contact information below, but do call them and ask for help as you begin scouting out your Southern California Destination Wedding! 

How Do I Find a Southern California Destination Wedding Officiant To Officiate My Wedding Ceremony & Assist In Our Initial Survey Of Wedding Locations?

At  – The Clergy Network of Southern California has a membership of civil or religious marriage ceremony Wedding Officiants which travel to south land locations for the purpose of presiding marriage ceremonies. To learn more about having a custom written marriage ceremony, private marriage license issuance and a Southern California Destination Wedding Officiant contact  –  or our main office at 714 970 8839

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